Thursday, March 25, 2010

Death Threats Against Palin, Cantor, TEA Partiers and Pro Conservative Websites (Update)

There is a crazy loon running wild on Twitter.

Here is a pdf of @crazypeople2 Twitter page: crazypeople2.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has now reported on crazypeople2's death threats that a bunch of us picked up on Twitter last night. They also picked up on Michele Bachmann's appearance on Hannity last night where she said that her property was vandalized and she received threats. Bachmann wisely said "said she did not make a big deal out of the attacks because, unlike democrats, she did not want to stir the crazy pot."

In this writer's opinion, this appears to be a smear campaign gone awry. When the Democrats won the health care reform vote, they mistook that as an opportunity to try to win over an overwhelming number of Americans who were opposed to the Obamacare plan by portraying the right wing and the TEA Party movement as violent, angry and threatening (see A Warning to the TEA Party Movement).  When TEA Party activists, conservative bloggers, television anchors and talk radio hosts exposed the smear campaign, most of America dismissed the nonsense that was being spewed by the mainstream media and saw this for what it really was.

This frustrated Democrats who began acting out in crazy ways. While incidents on the right are isolated as are some on the left, the left is actually stirring the pot with their media smear campaign as well as actively organizing telephone campaigns to drown out opposition voices. I explain more on Unsheathed.

Ron Devito also has more at Sarah's Web Brigade.

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