Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Warning to the TEA Party Movement

Beware: you are being set up

Suddenly, just as the health care reform bill is voted into law, the mainstream media starts reporting on all these so called "acts of violence and racial bigotry" and they immediately connect them to the TEA Party - the "angry mob" they have spent the better part of over a year and two months marginalizing. When I began hearing allegations of violence at Congress Representatives' offices and of racial slurs being used at protests in Washington something didn't sit right with me. Something smelled the more I listened to liberal commentators, networks and websites. That smell was not the stench of ratcheted up violence. The smell is the stench of ratcheted up focus on it.

I've been to TEA Parties and I've seen the people. Like most events where a large group of people are assembled, there are always the few who misbehave or act out of line. I've been to church picnics where fights have had to be broken up. But, mainly what I see are a lot of people like you and me. I see older people, professional people, young people, blue collar workers, business owners, religious people and yes, people of different races when I am at these events.

At the first TEA Party I ever attended (Richmond, VA 04/15/09), I saw veterans, grandmothers and the like. But what caught my eye was a guy, kind of looking a little "hippy-ish," carrying a sign that had racial comments on it like "Hispanics are illegal aliens: deport all illegal aliens." I yelled out "someone get some miracle grow for the plant!" People around me laughed. The guy hurried through the crowd away from me. He knew he was either one CNN moment away from accomplishing his goal of being the symbol the left needed to marginalize us or he wsa one moment away from being removed by Richmond P.D. at one of our behests.

As I left the rally, I met an African American man who was holding a sign that read "Palin 2012." I spoke with him briefly and, of course, as Palinistas often do, spent most of the time talking about the second coming of Reagan. But what struck me the most is that the crowd was not a bunch of "white racist tea baggers" as it had been portrayed by the mainstream media. There were a few hispanics, a larger than demographically proportioned number of Asians (I'm eyeballing this, but think I'm right because Richmond doesn't have a large Asian population) and of course white people - white people of different descent too (remember white people can be Italian, Irish, Jewish, Russian, etc). I didn't see any KKK hoods. I didn't see any racists (other than Democrat operatives who infiltrated as plants) and I didn't see any openly gay people expressing their desire to perform a certain sexual act on each other.

The media lies. They lie so bad that if life was conducted under oath, everyone who runs six of the seven major news networks on television would be in jail for aggravated purjury.

Read how the media is lying to us here. "Gateway Pundit Reports: Remember as you read this: There is nothing the Democratic-media complex will not do to lie about the tea party patriots or to prop up these horrid leftists who are transforming our country into some kind of quasi-socialist state."

Which brings me to a posting on Michellemalkin.com which makes the point better than I can. Doug Powers writes: "I condemn real threats of violence almost as much as I condemn desperate claims that are manufactured in a cheap attempts to further broken agendas." (emphasis added). While toiling over writing this blog post, I read that comment and said, well I'm done. Powers said everything I was trying to do in paragraphs in one sentence.

And although my boss thinks I was 15 minutes late for work today because of traffic at the Bryan Park interchange, the truth is I couldn't get to sleep until 3 am last night. I had just gotten off the phone with a friend of mine who patiently listened through a 20 minute rant on how the left is using Alinsky tactics to marginalize us. I explained how the media was ginning up the TEA Party violence, which ended up becoming a political science class in how the radical leftist movement infiltrated the Democrat party in 1968 and eventually infiltrated the government. Those who complained of being repressed by the man had become the man.

When Glenn Beck talked about that last night, my first reaction was "he's bugging my phone." Then I realized the show was taped. However, his opening monologue, although probably much more well done than my political rant, was on the EXACT SAME SUBJECT that I was discussing on the phone. I texted my friend back because I knew he was watching Beck too. "Glenn Beck is blowing my mind," I wrote. I think I even tweeted it.

It really hit me last night when I got into a twitter war with some lib about TEA Party violence. I always try to keep my political debates on the up and up, but truth is truth and fact is fact. The woman who was bantering with me last night was a liar. She was from Canada, or so she said she was. I didn't expect her to have the SEIU or MoveOn.org logo on her website. A plant has to meld with its environment, not stand out. She was lying about the TEA Party violence and she was lying that I wouldn't renounce it. Before reading Michelle Malkin's column, I told her this:

I don't condone anything that the left "claims" we've done. I would love to find out who's doing these things.
She went nuts. The argument deteriorated from that point forward. I didn't give her the answer she wanted and I basically cut it off after she told me I needed schooling. I don't need schooling from ignorant people.

"I would love to find out who's doing these things."

TEA Partiers, be warned. The left wing radicals are setting you up. From the communications offices in the White House, to the editorial rooms in major news networks across America, to the blogosphere and to the political offices that support left wing candidates, they are working on a way of sticking the sword right through the heart of the TEA Party. They are arrogants sons of bitches who think that now that they have health care reform, it's time to destroy us.

Never forget this line in President Obama's inaugural address: "On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics." Let me translate that for you: "On this day, we come to destroy conservatism and fundamentally transform the United States of America into a European socialist style democracy." This is the most important line in Obama's inaugural address. It is the polar opposite of Reagan's first inaugural statement:

In the days ahead, I will propose removing the roadblocks that have slowed our economy and reduced productivity. Steps will be taken aimed at restoring the balance between the various levels of government. Progress may be slow -- measured in inches and feet, not miles -- but we will progress. It is time to reawaken this industrial giant, to get government back within its means, and to lighten our punitive tax burden. And these will be our first priorities, and on these principles there will be no compromise.
Obama's statement in his inaugural address is the complete and total undoing of what Reagan said. Obama should have used the words "there will be no compromise" when it comes to implementing radical statist socialism in America. Obama was a Marxist in college and Obama is a socialist today. This is not enflamed right wing rhetoric or some crazy conspiracy theory. Read Obama's writings. Read about his associations. It's all right there. It's as plain as Reverend Wright, William Ayers and Father Pfleiger.

The people associated with the radical movement in America are thugs. They are the ones inciting violence. They are doing it by inciting us to violence so that we could manifest for them the one final fact needed for their argument that the TEA Party movement is a danger to America. They want us to be perceived as "un-American."  The fringe, the angry mob and those that are called "un-American" by the likes of Joe Klein and Keith Olbermann are family people like you who hold jobs, go to church, own homes, pay your taxes and your bills and love America. The fringe, America, is you.

Heed the words of Glenn Beck from last night's show:
This might be the most dangerous monologue I've ever done, because I'm telling you now: They need you to be violent. They are begging you for it. You are being set up. Do not give them what they want. I saw a report earlier today on Fox about how congressmen are getting death threats because they voted for the health care bill.

I am telling you: Do not become them! Not only is it completely nuts and wrong, it's exactly what they want. That's what they did!

They have dropped the radical pose for the radical ends. Don't play into their script: They need you to become them.

I know it is extremely frustrating right now and they are doubling down, but do not give them what they want. Remain who you've always been: A decent, religious and moral people. Don't pick anything up except your religious scripture.
The more quickly the left can marginalize the TEA Party movement, the more quickly it can continue the dismantling of our free market based, Constitutional form of government and replace it with the next step, not the final product: a socialist democracy. From there they will be able to do the Hugo Chavez thing. But they are patient. They know it takes time. They've been patient for over 50 years.

Here's how it is starting to happen according to the Canadian Free Press:

A federal intelligence source reported in an interview last evening that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have been called in to “actively investigate incidents of violence and threats” made to at least ten Democrats and one Republican lawmaker since Sunday. Their involvement was reportedly requested by top House leadership and one unnamed, high-level White House official. According to this source, who agreed to speak to this writer under the strict condition of anonymity, “a ‘watch list’ has already been created that specifically names and turns their focus on various pro-life and tea-party organizations and individuals who are considered a threat to domestic security, continuity of government operations, and to the lives of lawmakers and their families.”
We need to find out who is committing the violence and making the racial remarks. WE need to find these people. WE need be more vigilant than the left claims to be in finding violent people in our movement. Why? Because if we catch these people one of two things is going to happen. We are either going to kick them out the movement and turn them over to the cops or we are going to expose them as Democratic operatives. As soon as you find one, let's connect those dots all the way up to the White House and blow this scandal wide open.

It's hunting season, fellow conservatives, fellow TEA Partiers. It's time to go find some plants and expose them.

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