Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Romper Room In Obama-land

He promised us hope and change. He promised to change the tone of Washington. He promised to end partisan bickering and conduct business out in the open. Instead, we have doom and gloom, a bitter tone in Washington, unprecedented partisan bickering and back room deals. These are the kind of things you'd see in an unsupervised daycare center, not a U.S. presidential administration.

Yes, from the top on down, it's romper room, folks. The children are running the daycare and the patients are running the asylum. There is no reaching across the aisle because you can't extend a hand through closed doors behind which you're chanting "na na na na na, we won and we're going to pass health care reform anyway." There is no hope and change when the grown ups have to show up in Washington DC to protest the recklessness and the children laugh at them and mock them instead.

From naked chiefs of staff poking Congressmen in the shower to press secretaries writing on their hands to giving heads of state cheap and meaningless gifts to calling cops stupid, this administration has acted like nothing but children. Those who told us the country was going to be taken over by an angry old man and the "Wasilla Hillbillies" must have been forming their mental manifestation in wait during the 2008 presidential campaign. All that they feared; all that they warned us of; all they accused us of being. They have become.

They feared the Republican vice presidential candidate would be a bumbling fool. Theirs is. They feared that GOP Congressional leadership would pander to special interests. Their's does. They feared that conservatives would favor the rich over the poor. They have (in the form of bailouts and dependency programs). They are everything that they campaigned against in 2008.

Children can be mean when they tease and taunt. Today, Sarah Palin put out a well worded statement about the situation in Israel. The reaction in the comments section reminded me once again that the children were still regressing. She didn't write that. She's a dummy. How dare Politico had even print something she wrote. It reminded me that while Obama might be losing independents, he still has his base - the same "children" who can't stop giggling about seeing Russia from a house in Alaska.

Sarah Palin thought Alan Grayson should be punished for telling the other kids that the grown ups wanted them to die and die quickly. She didn't want to use bad language, though, because there were children in the room. Grayson later threw a hissy fit - screaming and kicking and throwing things on his website - because "momma" scolded him. Did you ever have to bite your lip to stop yourself from laughing at a child's reaction when you were disciplining them?

Now lets take a look at Washington where no one wants to play "health care." Did you ever notice how children change the rules to a game when they are losing? Where's the grown up when you need one to tell little Nancy to play fair or don't play at all? Or, how about this one: "I'll let you ride on my plane if you play with me?" Yup, wittle Dennis got a pwane ride yesterday.

It's time for the adults to come back into the room and with one loud gong, signal to the children that recess is over and it's time to get back to work. It's time that the children stop tearing up the shining city on a hill, littering it with their cap n tax, health care reform and financial reform "toys." It's time for the adults to clean up the mess and send the children to bed.

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