Monday, March 8, 2010

It's only 1:21 EST and the Palin - Canada Hit is Debunked

It was during the mid 1960's that Palin lived near Canada according to Politico and Conservatives4Palin. Let me help Politico out here, although I am not a professional editor or writer. Palin's family hustled across the border to get medical care for a burned ankle. The irony is now Canadiens are hustling across the border to get medical care here.

Canada's socialized medicine system started in 1966. I don't think the Palin family was thinking politically at a time a child had a burned ankle.

The left makes it sound like the Palins have mooching off of Canada for years. Looks like the smoke machine is blowing again. Tammy Bruce's rule is put to the test and bingo, it works.

Someone call Retracto, the correction alpaca.

Once able to smear at will, the anti-Palin media is finding it more and more uncomfortable to continue with a smear campaign that's losing its effectiveness. Although the attacks on Palin will never go away (they never did for Reagan), one wonders if the truth defenders in the pro-Palin blogosphere could have had an effect on the 2008 presidential election had they known there would be such a need for Palin myth debunking.

It is becoming almost a daily event with the media releasing hit stories early in the morning only to find them debunked by mid afternoon.

Okay, the Canada health care myth has been debunked.


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