Friday, March 12, 2010

Sorry Liberals, But We're Still Right

I hate to tell them. But they are still wrong.

Health Care Reform

The radical left wing Obama administration has wasted over a year of America's time trying to ram through an unpopular bill that was originally supposed to cover all Americans and lower costs. That bill, if passed would raise the cost of health care for the individual while shifting some of the mechanisms of coverage from the more efficient private sector to the less efficient public sector.

"For every family that gets some benefit from this program, in other words, a premium subsidy, three families are going to get a tax increase and those three families obviously include the bulk of people you'd call middle class America," Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, told Fox News.

Read more here and here.

The Economy

America is not prepared for success. The bailout, the stimulus plan and the rising debt the federal government is running up to keep car companies, states, banks and brokerage houses afloat is no different than the enabling and denial you read about in books about substance abuse. A year ago, we saw our economy on the brink of "passing out" from excessive lending, poor corporate management and simply awfully written regulatory law. Rather than let it crash, experience the hangover and get back on its feet, we fed it another drink and hoped for the best. We continue to refuse to accept the fact that it's time for our economy to go to rehab.

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The pending conflict with Iran is a product of every administration we have had since Jimmy Carter. Once the Shah of Iran fell, the Islamic clerics who took over the country have ruled it with an iron fist ever since. The closest thing we had to a solution was the Reagan administration's encouragement of an ongoing conflict between Iran and Iraq. But even then, with our hands tied by our focus on the Soviet Union, the problem was never really solved. Subsequent administrations were tentative in facing the prospects of Iran continuing to be a thorn in our side since the Islamic revolution in the late 1970's. The delay in facing the fact that regime change is the only solution haunts us to this day.

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Pop Culture

John Stewart is a moron, plain and simple. How do I know the governor of Virginia is doing a great job? When liberals attack him. Here's Stewart lying that McDonnell signed an executive order allowing gays to be fired. Uh, John, the executive order says that colleges have to follow federal guidelines, guidelines that were written by liberals. And since I am having an "unsheathed" moment here, let's take a look at the "gay flag" Stewart was poking fun at. If it's that gay, just give back your William & Mary Degree. We're really not that proud that you are an alumni from one of our state's instutions of higher learning.

Is that Sarah Palin with her foot on your chest, John?

That's actually Virtus, the Roman goddess of bravery. That's kind of my state of Virginia's way of using a lot of complicated symbolism and imagery to basically say "Don't F*&K With Us."

This "unsheathed" moment was brought to you by True Swords.

Bob McDonnell is the man.

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