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I Hate Sarah Palin. Cha-ching!

Sarah Palin Bashing is Big Business

Having decided that she’s not going to go away, Palin haters are shifting strategy from just whining about her for free to making a few bucks off her in the process. The pop culture media and the entertainment industry have joined the mainstream media in their quest to continuously pound Sarah Palin with their libelous slander. These animals who regularly become rabid at the mere sound of her name must have decided that if they can’t kill her, they might as well turn their hatred into big business and make some cash along the way.

Levi "Ricky Hollywood" Johnston isn't the only one making money shovelling it about Palin in freaksville these days. I mentioned in a previous post that Chelsea Handler called Sarah Palin "dumb" on the Tonight Show Wednesday night. I didn't know who she was because I'm not one of those who lets the pop culture turn my brain to mush. But I know who she is now. She does a show and writes a blog for eonline, the same publication that put out the most made up story in entertainment journalism history about Palin's stop at the Silver Spoon during Oscars week.

The Hollywood Gossip recently cashed in on smearing Meghan Stapleton. Apparently, this on-line “printer toilet paper” site now includes swipes at Palin's aides and her fans as well. This explains why people keep those kinds of magazines in the bathroom. 

We're all too familiar now with the money making ventures of Tina Fey, David Letterman and Family Guy, which validates why I used to tell everyone in college to keep away from the theater majors, who all remind me now in retrospect of Janine Garafolo.

Sometimes, even in the big business of Palin hating, you take a risk and it doesn't pay off.  Letterman figured he'd get back at Leno and Palin by having Mitt Romney come on to do what? Talk about Sarah Palin. Swing and a miss, David. It didn't help either when the former governor of Massachusetts didn't take the bait to trash her. Oh that sound bite of Romney dissing Palin would have been worth a fortune.

Take a long line of mean spirited and partisan driven jokes and comments from Mr. Letterman since Palin stepped on the national stage and understand the context and depth of the hatred he spews compared to one isolated Leno joke about Bristol's pregnancy at John Edwards' expense, long forgotten (except by one bitter, mentally self-abused Alaska blogger) because 1) Leno said it before the smear campaign against Palin kicked in in earnest and 2) Leno told it with no ill will and didn't spend the next 365 shows telling it over and over again in different forms. Alaska blogger, another swing and a miss.

It's nothing new for all in the entertainment and news media to smear celebrities. It's how they make their living. But Palin is a gold mine, given how mentally unbalanced some in America are. Our culture wouldn't be corrupted by this cesspool of trash if we didn't have these agents of hatred, smear and freaky life styles pumping it down our throats on the boob tube, on the internet and at supermarket check out lines in their endeavor to reach a market willing to allow their brains to be turned to oatmeal.

There’s a lot of money already invested in websites like the Daily Kos and Huffington Post, which never miss opportunities to create and cash in on a good Palin bludgeoning. Both publications had stories linking to the e-online story earlier yesterday. Today, you can't find them. But, according to the Daily Kos, Palin supporters believed the story on The Onion about President Obama lip synching a speech? Ha ha ha ha ha, awww, haha hahahaha, oh stop, ha ha ha ha, you're killing me, ha ha ha ha.

How many Daily Kos readers believed the e-online story?

TBTMJulie, Kos's version of Jeanne Devon, writes an accounting of  how a twitter buddy of hers "flew 6 thousand miles round trip from the east coast to be in the audience (at the Jay Leno show) as a sort of mellow protest, wave copies of the book to freak her out, hand them out to staff & audience at the Studio." That's kind of demented if you ask me, especially since @Symbolman didn't even come back with a picture of Sarah Palin's toenail.

UPDATE: This story was debunked by NBC and another audience member, according to Adrienne Ross.

Speaking of Alaska bloggers, Jeanne Devon now writes for the Huffington Post and appears on MSNBC as a contributor. Shannyn Moore became a contributor to Countdown with Keith Olbermann solely because she hates Sarah Palin and can smirk the same way Keith does. If Shannyn Moore's latest radio contract, tv show and column on Huffington Post is any indication, Palin hating is big business even for people in small markets like Alaska. It can't be that bad of a deal for a couple of "online wash women" like Moore and Devon to advance their careers writing for Huffpo and appear as contributors on MSNBC so they can complain about someone who is advancing her career by writing and making media appearances. Things have gotten better since the lean days of going to Palin speeches in Anchorage just to giggle like school girls and then blog about it.

Then you have others like Geoffrey Dunn, author and mudslinger for The Huffington Post, who is readying to cash in on a book entitled The Lies of Sarah Palin: The Untold Story Behind Her Relentless Quest for Power. His obsession with Palin is written about on Conservatives4Palin. Dunn's book will probably outsell Going Rouge: An American Nightmare at garage sales and bargain bins across the country and will compete well with the expected "puke-litzer" prize winning Levi Johnston book.

Dunn might want to wait until the cover of Sarah Palin's new book is released so they can make it look like the new book the way Going Rouge did with Going Rogue. That kind of marketing works well with a strategy used by the numerous media outlets who have had to retract stories lately that lied about Palin long after readers clicked on the ad links and viewers watched the commercials. It's no longer media malpractice. It's media Fraud.

Palin is not being indicted, not getting divorced, didn't ramsack a boutique and is not doing a reality show called "Wasilla Hillbillies." But if you clicked on any of the sites running those stories, you helped them make money. Sarah Palin is such a proponent of the free market system, so why in the world would she have asked the media to "stop making things up" in her resignation speech? Hypocrite.

MSNBC has got to be thankful that Sarah Palin is still around now that the whole "let's cash in Obama, the messiah, thing went bust" and now that GE is sweating out the Cap and Trade deal. The mainstream media’s biggest Palin hating organization has to be keeping itself afloat (despite the extra expense of keeping the camera lens cleaned from the spit that comes out the mouths of Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews) on the Palin name. They have a market of several hundred thousand liberals laid up with serious cases of Palin Derangement Syndrome. If they could just book enough AstraZeneca commercials, they might be able to weather the economic storm. But I wouldn't tell Keith just yet to stop writing his baseball blog and keeping in touch with his old friends at NBC sports.

Even the anti-Palin media is cashing in on the pro-Sarah media. News Hounds, an anti-Fox News site, found a nifty way to make some “cash in hand.” They did a hit piece on Palin's explanation as to why she wrote on her palm. Is Palin's excuse really pathetic or is it just that News Hounds found a sweet spot among the Fox News hating AstraZeneca demographic and it’s time to cash in?

Luckily for these folks, Sarah Palin is loved by millions and is potentially America’s first female president. Can you imagine how much money Palin bashers would be out if they actually succeeded in destroying her with their smears and lies or if she really was the irrelevant, incapable and intellectually empty person they claim she is?

I hate Sarah Palin. Cha-ching!

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  1. People sure are trying to cash in on Palin, that's for sure. There are now at least 40 books about her offered on Amazon. There has been at least 2 entire magazines published about her.

    I wish there was some way to add up the column inches in newspapers, magazines, and on the net that have been devoted to her, then add that to the number of hours of air time spent discussing her. It would be unbelievable. Usually, politicians interested in getting into the primaries have to spend a lot of money on getting their name out there, and getting themselves known, Palin will have no such expense if she choses to run.

    I put Sarah Palin in a class all by herself, there is no one like her, and never has been in American politics. Personally, I think she is bigger, and will be better than Ronald Reagan.


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