Friday, March 19, 2010

We Rock!

It's how you play the game.

Regardless of the outcome of this monstrosity of a disaster called Obamacare, we are the greatest group of American patriots to stand up for ourselves since we stood with Ronald Reagan against the Soviet Union. Things are different now as we deal with a political battle within the confines of the U.S. Constitution, yet that Constitution is under major fire right now. Those who have been standing strong need to be commended.

Based upon the latest polls, 48% of you rock. And we outnumber the 38% of them who roll (with the tide like dead fish). In a representative democracy, the 48% would win. In a socialist dictatorship, the 38% would win. That could only happen in America if someone screwed with the Constitution.

As such, we will move forward, stronger than ever in resolve and in greater numbers than ever before as more and more Americans join us in opposing the Obama agenda. November is not that far away and we have enough ammo to win that battle regardless of the outcome of the vote on Sunday. But, God help them if we win.

That shining city on a hill will not be taken easily, and it will not be taken back totally for a few more years. We know it's there and we will travel the journey between now and then continuing to work toward our destiny: morning in America. We know this health care bill will put a tremendous burden on our ability to take back the city, because the amount of time that will have to spent undoing the thing will affect early parts of our agenda. But as soon as we start drilling for oil and expanding all aspects of our domestic energy products, the more quickly we can earn enough money back as a people to begin to cut back on that ridiculously outlandish debt and deficit.

We see the faces of the things we want to be. And we believe that what we are doing now is a manifestation of the common vision of millions of patriots across America who see this place the same way that Samuel Adams did, Patrick Henry did, Thomas Jefferson did, and Ronald Reagan did. The hurt that enters your mind and heart is nothing. It's a flesh wound. Move on and keep marching to the shining city. Despite the momentary mysery, we rock!

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