Saturday, March 20, 2010

We Did All We Could Do

Consider that the American people were against health care reform 55% to 35%. Consider that the Congress is made up of 255 Democrats and 178 Republicans. If Democrats pass health care reform, it will only be by the slimmest of votes despite their overwhelming control of the House. It will go against overwhelming numbers in the public opinion (you know, that thing that makes us a representative democracy). And it will send a signal to the American people that our government no longer works for us.

This is a major step in the direction of a European style democracy where the lines between capitalism and socialism become blurred, and free enterprise is allowed to exist but only at the whim of the government which can impose any control it wishes on it at any time.

The total out of balance nature of our legislature in proportion to the public's opinion is a moment ripe for tyranny. When the Congress leans left and the people lean right, there is a fundamental imbalance. This Congress has chosen to forget its Constitutional duties and represent the will of the people, and in the process is not putting a necessary check and balance on a president who is hell bent toward "transforming America." Yup, first the media abdicated its role during the campaign part and now the Congress has abdicated its role during the governing part.

These are the sheep generated out of the pre-2008 election mentality. The make up of this Congress is the 2006-2008 Democrats who got in because none of us were happy with Bush's economic policies. But, at that point we had not yet recognized that we were being led into socialism by the shadow party and the left wing of the Democrat party. They infiltrated their party first when we we weren't looking and now they own the board.

The only way to solve this thwarting of the will of the people will be to infiltrate the Republican party and take back our country that way. If any of ours ever falls asleep on watch again, it will be all of ours' responsibility to hold them accountable. This disaster in American democracy should never happen again.

So, regardless of the outcome tomorrow, we can look at ourselves and realize we did all we could do. If you can't get it done with a 55% - 35% majority of public opinion, we are just going to have to recognize that our government is very broken and fix it in November.

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