Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today's reading material, and Mitt's people are crying about a bus or something

Do you really know what I think? Here are some articles that lay out how I see some of the issues:

Dr. Krauthammer and Gov. Palin: Analyzing the Analyst

Why The Elites Hate Sarah Palin

Everything I Need to Know About 2012 I Learned From American Idol

We are an American Idol society. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying we need to elect an entertainer for president. What I am saying is we need to understand our pop culture and not just dismiss it. Conservatives must embrace our pop culture and infiltrate it.

Horror for US Economy as Data Falls off Cliff

I'm not trying to be an alarmist here. I see what's happening at my own job and in my own business. This economy needs an infusion - not from quantitative easing but from real production like oil and gas. I believe you can drill your way out of this economic mess provided you massively slash the size of the federal government and reform entitlements. We need a courageous leader to do that. She's on a bus right now.

Will Palin bus tour rain on Mitt's parade?

I'm a Republican. I have nothing against the other candidates. I think they're good candidates. I just happen to think my candidate is better. Besides, who are these GOP party leaders? They don't represent me. Here's the battle: We need to take back the GOP and restore it (Reagan, constitutional conservatism is what makes up the underlying planks of the party - the establishment is ruining our party by turning into into the party of moderates and cronies). Then we need to defeat the media. Finally, we need to take back the White House and the Senate. This is not just another election cycle where power changes hands. This is do or die. Do we want the establishment to defeat Obama and return to business as usual (albeit better than Obama) or do we really want to make this country great again? I refer you back to the lady on the bus when considering how to answer that question.

My new Townhall blog post at The Shining City on A Hill:
Why Republicans Won’t Play the War Powers Act Card

Libertarians think I'm a war monger and neo-cons think I'm too traditional. Well the fact of the matter is, policy is philosophy as well as national defense. Radical Islam and the stated intentions of a world Caliphate is as dangerous today as communism was 30 years ago. Beware of the urge to not engage on the world stage, but also don't be out their doing things willy nilly either. Using our military is about a much larger picture than just helping humanitarian causes and regime changes.

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