Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why We Republicans Don't Have a Viable Front Runner

Some in the GOP have had no backbone when it comes to standing up for one of our own.

If everyone would have stood behind Sarah Palin after the media tried to destroy her two and a half years ago, we’d have a front runner. We have too many “trembling tigers” in the GOP who are “afwaid” that the media might make people vote for Obama again.

If we would have had a friggin backbone and stood up to the media early on while Sarah Palin was getting her ass kicked by DNC inspired bloggers and ethics violation complainants, then we wouldn’t be sitting here waiting for her movie The Undefeated to put the truth out. We’d already know it.

I know a lot of good conservatives on here who have stood up for Governor Palin when many in the mainstream as well as the Fox media wanted to turn their fair and balanced debates into arguments about gravitas and electability. But there have also been a lot of wishy washy conservatives fretting over the is she electible meme. We have a country to take back from some vicious sickos who have no problem with making stuff up, dragging Governor Palin's children into everything and calling us racists, and there are conservatives who want to fret over whether Palin has gravitas? She would be seen as electable if you wusses would have stood up for her against the onslaught of a sick and vicious mainstream media, which she has slain despite your unwillingness, or impotence, to draw sword for her.

The fact of the matter, Governor Palin has been through more crap and has been more vetted than any other presidential candidate. She’s worked harder than anyone running for president. She has put in an amazing effort at keeping herself viable, no thanks to some on our side.

We can sit here and whine all we want that we have no front runner, no Reagan. But she’s been under our nose the whole time.

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This post was inspired by a post by Dan Riehl.

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