Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When Real Unemployment Hits Home

The primary responsibilities of my regular full time job are to manage the accounts receivables and oversee collections and billing for a training media publishing company. As the economy declines, the company has moved from an aggressive telemarketing sales approach toward one more based on Internet and demand based marketing with payment up front instead of sending product out and invoicing on a net 30 basis. With this shift in the company’s business model, my position is being eliminated at the end of July. Telemarketing sales people along with a heavy hitter manager have recently been laid off. I tell you this not just to lament a pending job loss, but to paint a larger picture of of why I believe so strongly in the America conservatives are fighting for.

People who know about my blog have a wide range of reactions when I tell them about it. Some think it’s great that I would speak out and fight on behalf of a cause that I believe in. Others criticize me because they don’t agree with me politically. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But, it’s the ones who think I do this as a hobby that get it wrong.

I can’t say it more seriously and more soberly than I am stating it now as I push resumes out, network and work closely with a business partner to raise capital and bring on investors so we can get our business to the point where I can make a full time living. This political stuff is real life. It’s not a hobby and it’s not a game. Our system has been destroyed by big government, out of control regulations and unsustainable spending. Americans must have opportunities to be successful and to make a living. This country requires a free market system to make that happen. We must fight hard for this or watch our country go into the dust bin of history.

My career strategy is an all of the above approach. I seek opportunities everywhere, whether it be in my career field of accounts receivables/credit & collections, in my aspirations to build a debt buying/debt selling business or in areas that were part of the original plan when I graduated college with a dual B.A. in Political Science and Literature when I was looking to get into political writing, political activism or law.

This post is not designed to be a cover letter or a networking strategy to get a new job; however if you're looking for someone who can be serious about political writing or being active in promoting the cause full time, I’m available.

This blogger set out to support a conservative comeback after Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008 because I thought it was imperative then that we push back on government mismanagement and intrusion in order to protect and our free market system during the ominous Obama years that stood before us. It is even more imperative now.

My writing has always been unpaid and voluntary. It’s been a back door strategy for personal success insomuch as supporting a Constitutional system of limited government means a larger private sector in a free market system that gives people like me options and opportunities. It's just not happening like that under Obama.

We need to support policy that enables an economic environment which allows companies to grow so that there are opportunities for movement and personal growth within them. We need to support a system that allows for a better flow of capital so that entrepreneurs like me can get our businesses to the point where we can be successful. We must encourage people to get into careers where political activism and writing can provide a full time living for people who speak out because they want to help contribute to a better United States of America.

This all of the above approach is taken with the idea that eventually something will break and people like me will have the chance to rise above the level of just above broke - a level liberals seem content to want to keep all of us at.

As a student of success, I know I am completely responsible for my abundance or lack thereof. President Obama is not personally responsible for me, but he is responsible for ruining America’s economy. I am merely a victim of collateral damage. It's up to me to make it happen now. I can't rely on government. Government has been worthless.

I also know that people can be successful in down economies if they just work even that much harder. This makes you a stronger person because you have to fight that much harder and deal with that much more adversity. Anyone can make money in a good economy. It’s making it in a bad one that will really give you a personal sense of satisfaction.

I know that company I am being laid off from is not making money because the business to business market is being adversely affected by the economy. I don’t blame my employer for taking the necessary steps to lower costs by laying off a high paid sales manager, an eight person sales and telemarketing department and by eliminating the need for a full time accounts receivables manager when most of the customers will be paying up front by credit card. I do, however, blame the federal government for not doing the same thing. My employer knows what it has to do to survive. Apparently the federal government doesn’t.

I don’t tell people we are in the beginnings of a depression because I’m losing my job. I analyzed the numbers and worked on my theory prior to being informed of the pending layoff. Real unemployment could be near 22%. The layoff just confirms a lot of my conclusions.

You don’t see new rich people being created anymore in our country. Instead, you see higher food stamp and entitlement rolls. You don’t see the rich people living the high life nearly as much as they used to either. There are less people coming to money areas like Lake Gaston. There are less people boating, less people buying or renting condos on the lake and less people in the stores. The rich make up a small percentage of the population at the top of the economy. When the effects go that far up the food chain, something's seriously wrong.

When a heavy hitter sales manager, others at or above my career level and I are experiencing job losses or having to cut back economically, it’s not personal. It’s not about woe is me, I’m losing my job. It’s about woe is us - way too many of us are losing our jobs. America may be losing its way of life, too.

The country is on the highway to hell. We are on a bridge to nowhere. The Obama bus will keep going until either we stop it or it runs off the open edge of the unfinished bridge and lands in the water.

I will stand for people like Sarah Palin and on the principles of our Founders until they officially tell us we have gone the way of ancient Rome. I will send resumes out, get a new job, work diligently at building my business and work harder at being able to positively impact the political arena until they tell me America is dead.

This is not about complaining about my personal situation, it’s about fixing it. It’s not about me getting another job. It’s about all Americans waking up to the fact that this country has to be saved now or it’s done.

Time is running out.

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  1. Just about everyone I know has been hit hard by these policies. I don't live in the States, but I have lost several job opportunities that would have returned me to the States because of economic failure there--and by all accounts, these job opportunities will never come back, as whole industries have been hit hard. America needs to reverse course, and soon.


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