Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gay Marriage Shows How Intellectually Dishonest Liberalism is

New York state just passed gay marriage. This would make New York appear very tolerant, except that they aren't equally tolerant of other forms of personal freedom such as public prayer, displays of things like nativity scenes and Menorahs and what kind of food you can eat. This, instead, is just another example of how hypocritical and how intellectually dishonest liberalism really is.

Where are the priorities? Liberals pick and choose which personal freedoms they want to promote and which ones they want to stifle. I spoke with the owner of a business for 21 years in New York State who told me that the regulatory and taxation environment was downright abusive. She told me the IRS loves to audit small businesses and nickel and dime them on the tax code. So New York's priority is to legalize same sex marriage while their economy crumbles and people leave what is considered the least free state in the country.

Liberalism chokes under the weight of its own intellectual dishonesty. Liberals love personal freedoms when it suits their purpose, yet they're the first to clamp down on personal freedoms when it doesn't. What's even worse is their ideas about personal freedoms are so off base. They're pro drug legalization, but anti-food choice. French fries with trans fats in them are more dangerous than marijuana. They're counterparts in Washington DC are looking to do even more to regulate food.

It's okay to blow a few joints in the public square but not okay to hold a prayer meeting. It's okay to take the life of an unborn child, but smoke a cigarette and you're public enemy number one. The one who aborts their unborn child has the right because it's her body. The person who smokes or eats french fries made in trans fat oil is not afforded the same right over their body. Liberalism is an intellectual disaster.

Gay marriage is a touchy subject in today's PC environment. Traditional marriage has been watered down by a culture that promotes promiscuity, out of wedlock births and extramarital affairs. Liberals want to equate gay marriage with tradional marriage, the very institution that they've torn down through their cultural influences over the last 40 years.

Gay people may take issue with me on this, but the fact of the matter is marriage is between a man and a woman and its primary function is to provide a stable environment in which to procreate and raise children. Without the procreation aspect, it's not necessary. People live together all the time and it's not marriage. People of all persuasions have sex. That's still not marriage. It's not as tolerant as it appears when a group uses the legislative process to codify something that degrades and redefines an institution in such a way as to be offensive to those who view the institution reverently and traditionally.

If people want to do things in the privacy of their own homes, that is between them, their partners and their God. It's not a state matter. Those who complain that same sex marriage gives partners things like shared medical benefits and rights of consent are missing a viable alternative. There are other ways of conferring those rights that don't amount to changing the nature and definition of marriage.

We are small government people, and as such we should oppose a government that prevents people from entering into contracts with each other. It should be legal for employers and insurance companies to allow non-related people to be included on policies not because gay people deserve the same right as married people, but because all people deserve the same right to purchase products and enter into private contracts without statist restraints.

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