Tuesday, June 28, 2011

'The Undefeated' Will Vaporize Media Caricature of Sarah Palin

Three years of smearing Sarah Palin will be wiped out by with the release of the movie.

Tomorrow, we will know about the reactions to the screening of "The Undefeated" in Pella, IA. from the media and those who are attending the post screening barbecue this evening. We will also be able to follow Tammy Bruce and Jedediah Bila, who are attending the events, on Twitter. Whitney Pitcher, from Conservatives4Palin, and Jackie Siciliano, from Team Sarah have already seen the movie. They will be guests on my BlogTalk Radio show tomorrow night at 11pm ET, 8pm PT to discuss the movie and reaction to it.

It's pretty clear from all accounts of those who have seen the movie that it's a game changer. The mainstream media and the liberal blogosphere have gone to extreme lengths to try to destroy Sarah Palin since the day she walked on stage on John McCain's running mate. While there are still some residual psychological effects on people who think Sarah Palin can't win, for the most part Governor Palin emerges with the highest favorable ratings of all announced and potential Republican presidential candidates.

Imagine that. They had her dead when they were filing frivolous ethics complaints. They had her dead when she resigned as governor. They had her dead when the tabloids (and by tabloids, I mean the LA Times, the Washington Post and Politico) were passing around rumors about divorce, Trig's birth, mental instability and hair loss. They had her dead when they accused her of pulling the trigger in the Arizona murders. Joe McGinness moved next door and wrote a hit book that failed. Frank Bailey's book failed. Those books were supposed to be the final acts of a well orchestrated three year smear campaign.

Then came "The Undefeated." The smear campaign was a vicious air and ground assault on Palin. The daily shelling of vitriol and hit pieces was relentless. It was the Left's Vietnam. They napalmed Governor Palin incessantly. They leveled villages of conservative thought. They sent ground troops of writers like Andrew Sullivan and Jeanne Devon. They bombed from the air with the likes of Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Joe Scarborough. All it took to defeat these smear merchants was one nuclear weapon: "The Undefeated."

It didn't help that the vaporization took place at a time the Left least needed it to happen. They had just spent thousands of dollars and recruited hundreds of people to sift through 24,000 pages of emails. Wile E. Coyote couldn't have had worse happen. The emails exploded in their faces as they only bolstered Palin's credentials as governor. How great is it to watch the lame stream media burnt, frayed and powdered looking up with that helpless coyote look on their faces to see an anvil with the words "The Undefeated" written on it just as it starts to fall?

In a post that should be read in its entirety, Kunta Evans writes:
On the heels of all of this is the release of the 24,000 pages of e-mails during her time as governor which have been all too hastily poured into by big media and their hired help so desperate to find more fodder to spread to the masses. But all they've seemed to uncover is overwhelming evidence that she was a hardworking, fiercely loyal, tough, savvy chief executive that had total command of the issues facing the people of her state. None of this was a surprise to me or anyone else that have decided to throw our support behind Gov. Palin. It was a treat though to get to hear reporters say as much, perhaps surprised at what they found.

The same is occurring as The Undefeated is released nationwide as word spreads and demand dictates that more theaters buy rights to show it. It gets to the truth of who Sarah Palin is and what she stands for. It vehemently contradicts the slanderous, libelous, trashing of a rock-solid, honest, servant-hearted warrior. I, for one, can't wait to see it and will drag as many people as I can to see it with me - even people who are convinced she and Tina Fey are one and the same.

What an interesting piece of irony that the increased exposure of Sarah Palin during the last few months is creating momentum for her that defies the concerted smear campaign waged by the MSM, the very same MSM who's being exposed for forsaking among other things fundamental American decency.
If Sarah Palin runs, the media has already shot all of its ammo.

At any time, Sarah Palin could announce her candidacy for the presidency and step right into the top tier of candidates in as competitive a position as they are. That's not bad for someone who should have been politically dead after the beatings she has taken from the media and the establishment. That should be the number one thing she puts on her resume when applying for the job. If she could be in the position she is in now after all that, that's presidential mettle of the highest order.

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