Monday, June 6, 2011

Sarah Palin: A Boffo Performance

"I thought she was a boffo performance today. It was the first time that I ever saw her and thought this woman is a serious, if she decides to run, candidate for president and a serious possiblity to be president." - Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday

Someone asked me during the weeks following Obama's election in 2008 if I thought that Sarah Palin's mistakes on the campaign trail would damage her ability to be a viable candidate in 2012. I explained that it was important to look at all politicians and study their performances along their respective campaign trails to get a frame of reference. Politicians speak for a living. They say millions of words and phrase their arguments and answers to questions in thousands of ways. It is statistically impossible for any human being to be perfect with every word and every answer. I pointed out that if you applied the same standard to Joe Biden, he probably wouldn't be viable as a vice president.

Then I made my signature point. I explained that people were trying to project her future by putting under the microscope a couple of missed answers during the Katie Couric interview (which I also pointed out contained nearly three hours of footage of Sarah Palin landing all the other questions). With this, I closed my argument. Sarah Palin is not a snapshot in time. She is an evolving candidate. In fact, she was one of the strongest, most exciting candidates the Republicans have run since Ronald Reagan. If you think she's even just good or barely good now, wait until 2012. She'll be a behemoth.

A lot of people didn't agree with me back then, but they are starting to agree with me now.

Kirsten Powers, on Fox News today, said that Sarah Palin is bigger than she ever has been and that she is now stating the policy positions that she has formulated after putting her head down two years ago and studying policy. This is a paraphrase, as the transcript of what Powers said is not yet out. But she basically wins my argument for me. Sarah Palin was good in 2012. Today, she is a behemoth.

Tell me if I was right. On August 11, 2009 (nearly two years ago) I wrote this:
This blogger has always described her as an evolving candidate. Watching Sarah Palin go from Governor, to vice presidential candidate and to potential presidential candidate is like watching the part of Ronald Reagan's political evolution that I missed because I was too young.

For those who don't think she's intelligent, you're in for a big surprise. For those who think she is intelligent, you're in for even a bigger surprise. Sarah Palin is not a figure frozen it time. The experience of a national campaign trail and the strength she gains from withstanding a smear campaign that no other American politician has had to endure is just the beginning.

This blogger has read her letters and writings. She communicates concisely when she needs to and she communicates esoterically when she wants. She can be a straight shooter or she can be a allusionist who uses literary or musical references to make her point. Those who disagree with her can't hear her through their bias, so they ridicule her.

She has turned her Facebook page into a research paper. This blogger is made to feel lazy after reading the amount of research she has done on healthcare reform and Cap and Trade. It just so happens, these are the two biggest issues of the day. If Katie Couric interviewed her now, Palin might just well school her and school her severely.
Which brings us to today. Chris Wallace and others are finding their way past the brainwashing that Palin's detractors have been perpetuating upon us for nearly three years now. Liberal and Establishment pundits and writers have wasted thousands of hours of air time and millions of keystrokes tearing this woman down with full knowledge that Palin would evolve into what she is today if they didn't go all out to stop it.

They knew she'd be back. All the lies and all the hits have their genesis deep in the minds and hearts of fearful Palin detractors who had to prevent us from seeing the truth at all costs. They knew the minute she hit the trail in 2008, if they simply allowed people to see Palin as she really is that they would like her and trust her enough to vote for her for president some day. That baby had to die in the crib. Despite their intense effort to destroy her with their Herculean work effort to churn out hit piece after hit piece and  to mock her across the mainstream media and in the pop culture, they have failed.

They have never believed she was dumb or unelectable. They only wanted us to believe that so that they could continue to pursue their liberal and establishment agendas unimpeded by the one person who could blow the lid off the whole effort to keep America out of the hands of those who would expose these agendas as the morally and intellectually bankrupt ventures they really are.

Should Sarah Palin run for president, her policy positions are clear. Her answers to how to fix the economy are exactly what this country needs. Palin told Wallace:
What President Palin would do is cut the federal budget, making sure that we're crowding out private sector investment. We will cut that spending. We have no choice. We're going broke. We're going bankrupt.

We have absolutely no choice. And cut the burdensome regulations and mandates that really quash an entrepreneurial spirit in America and do burden our businesses, and create uncertainly. And that's why we kind of stuck in neutral now, why businesses can't expand.

I would taxes. The second highest corporate tax rate in the world we are burden with. No, we need to cut that to incentivize businesses to stay here on our shores, in America. And not outsource all these jobs and opportunities.

And then one of the most important things, Chris, that we have to engage is unleashing our domestic energy production opportunities. It does come down to "drill, baby, drill," in addition to an "all of the above" energy policy that really is non-existent in the Obama administration.

Energy is the key to prosperity, to security. And until we start tapping our domestic, conventional and alternative sources to energy, we're never going to get there.
This is a message which should encourage an electorate looking for the right candidate. It is the Reagan message of reawakening our industrial giant. Palin has a plan that has already been proven to work.

Sarah Palin on Fox News Sunday June 5, 2011

Sarah Palin on Hannity June 3, 2011

Sarah Palin on On the Record May 31, 2011

What you saw on Greta Van Susteren's show, Hannity's show and on Fox News Sunday was the next leveling up of Sarah Palin, the evolving candidate.

A boffo performance indeed!

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