Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mainstream Media Is Not Reporting On Incredible Trend in Palin Poll Numbers

Palin is 2.2% behind Romney and has been trending upward for months now.

The one who can lead us with the beam of liberty in her eyes and the fire of freedom burning in her belly is growing stronger with each passing day. While there are many among us who have yet to believe in the possibilities, many more are seeing the light as the media myth crumbles before them.

Proof that the media myth is crumbling is in the numbers. RealClear Politics reported Palin's poll numbers as gloomy just a little over 5 short months ago. Today, she is at the highest she's ever been in the polls since polling for 2012 started. For those of you in the media, this is called a story and it needs to be reported.

According to the Washington Post/ABC News, Governor Palin Has More than Tripled Her GOP Primary Support from April. Palin is also back in the top tier of presidential candidates and within 2.2% of Romney according to RealClear. Her successful One Nation bus tour and a new movie is sinking the smear campaign which has been going on since she was first chosen to be McCain's running mate.

See All 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination Polling Data.

The new movie, ‘The Undefeated’ could be a game-changer for Sarah PalinJosh Painter writes: "What [Rob Bluey, director of The Heritage Foundation Center for Media and Public Policy] found most compelling about the film is that it has the potential to help reverse the negative perception of Gov. Palin that was created by the corrupt media which got Obama elected."

We are starting to see people finding their way past the brainwashing that Palin's detractors have been perpetuating upon us for nearly three years now. Dennis Miller is starting to get back on the Palin train. Chris Wallace says it's the first time he thought of her as a serious candidate for president. Michelle Malkin pointed out how Gov. Plain's supporters serve as an ad hoc rapid response team in response to the left's frequent attacks on her. That's what I've been talking about. The army grows!

Take a bow, Palin army. Your efforts are paying off.

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The Light Grows Brighter

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  1. I think that a lot of people look at the head-to-head numbers between Obama and Palin and they think that he'd clobber her. I don't believe that for a second. If you understand human nature, especially when it comes to politics, those numbers are pretty much worthless.

    Here's why. If someone is a Romney, Pawlenty, or Bachmann supporter, and they are asked how they would vote in a contest between Obama and each of the GOP candidates, there is a very strong chance that they would say that they would vote for Obama over Palin. It's human nature to try to make your candidate's most feared rival look as bad as possible.

    At this point in time, does anyone believe that Palin would lose such a large number of the people who voted for McCain? Does anyone believe that everyone who voted for Obama in 2008 would vote for him again in 2012?

    You must question motivation of the pollster and of the polled. I can't believe that a pollster thinks that the head-to-head numbers are of any value at all, except to drive public perception.


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