Friday, June 1, 2012

Why the Tactics are Necessary

Mitt Romney scored big by campaigning in front of the failed Solyndra factory. David Axelrod, at the same time, was being heckled at his speech in Boston. The Romney campaign is showing bright signs that today's GOP may have learned its lessons following Steve Schmidt's failed 2008 GOP presidential campaign. As our economy heads "forward" toward disaster, the Romney campaign isn't shying away from harsh rhetoric and the hard dirty work of its surrogates. These tactics are necessary because defeating Obama and the socialist agenda will not happen unless we not only engage them in their game but defeat them at it.

There are still those who may be turned off by the tactics of gutter politics and the sharp spinning of events that shape the candidates' reputations. However, they will need to be convinced that winning a street fight requires fighting - not the kind of civility they're used to in past elections (especially from the historically more formal and docile GOP). If we were reviewing the "game films from 2008," we'd clearly see a GOP that was out punched and out smeared by its opponents. To make matters worse, the "referee" (the media) aided and assisted the Democrats with their tactics.

The lessons learned are many. Since 2008, we have witnessed the proliferation of conservative blogs, websites and social networking sites along with the embracing of "Breitbartian" tactics in the new media which is beginning to offset the effects of the slobbering love affair, as Bernard Goldberg calls it, between the traditional mainstream media and Barack Obama.

Although the coalition is an odd one between establishment Republicans on one hand and conservatives, libertarians and Tea Partiers on the other, the glue that keeps the army together and strong is one Barack Hussein Obama. Knowing that America as we know it will disintegrate into a mere memory if our current failure of a president is reelected, the GOP and its allies are ready to go all out to defeat the nightmare of socialism and its standard bearer.

Our country has lost millions of jobs. Unemployment continues to be high. Many have given up looking and dropped out of the job hunt completely. Incomes have come down across the board (there are less million dollar earning households in America today than there were four years ago and there are more people on government assistance than ever before).

Today's economic numbers show that we are not moving "forward" and the economy has not "turned the corner." In his speech today in Las Vegas, "Mitt Romney called Friday’s jobs numbers that show unemployment grew to 8.2% last month a 'harsh indictment' of President Obama’s economic policies and argued that the president is a failure and has put his personal goals ahead of creating jobs."

As our national debt spirals out of control and our economy continues to sputter and tank, it is becoming more and more evident that this election is not just another presidential election. The future of our nation is at stake. You can tell people the choice this year is between voting for the destruction of the America as we know it or for the restoration of America as it should be. Don't be taken aback by the tactics. We may not like having to use them, but they own the game. We have no choice. The alternative is even worse.

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