Sunday, November 18, 2012

Circus Animals and the Dope Show. Where Do We Go From Here?

There are a lot of folks who are criticizing the Republican Party and Mitt Romney for their establishment ways and failed campaign. These people are pushing for a wave of activism in the conservative grass roots and advocating for the takeover of the Republican Party. I agree with the forward thinking part of this. I do, however, believe that the strategy should be a more positive one. Our focus now needs to be on understanding what happened objectively and moving forward vigorously to make the party more responsive to the people who make up its rank and file.

Those who are critical of John Boehner and the Republicans floating ideas on moderating their positions on things like immigration and abortion are right to think this is the wrong strategy. Even Mark Levin this week was very critical of John Boehner. We all know how much this writer respects and admires Levin. So, I’m not going to say he’s wrong.

What we do need to recognize, though, is that reality is much different than theory. Criticism is not as good as solutions. Pushing out the establishment’s leadership is not going to be done by simply criticizing them. It has to be done from the bottom up. Boehner isn’t going to be leaving the speakership any time soon. Nothing will reverse the Romney loss. However, starting today, we can recruit and nominate Tea Party candidates and our future leaders going forward. Eventually, the good water will displace the bad.

First, start from a position of realism. Those who voted for Obama are thrill seekers. They voted for food stamps, free phones, entitlements and that good old fashioned warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you win. They didn’t vote their long term best interests. They ignored the reality that this country will eventually become like Greece as we continue pursuing the same leftist policies that history has already shown us to be recipes for failure.

America is on a binge, buzzing from all the free stuff their getting. But, they’re ignoring tomorrow’s hangover. When the hangover comes, they will regret the binge and eventually listen to us. That may take decades. We can’t wait that long. We need to figure out how to win now.

We live in a new reality. Logic and common sense no longer apply in today’s America. Say something that’s not politically correct and you’re cast out. Live a normal life and run a business, you are taxed and punished for success while being whipped into submission by government regulations.  Pray openly, maintain a heterosexual marriage, discipline your children or grab a burger at a local joint while super sizing the soda and you are a racist, an extremist or a right wing fanatic. Support gay marriage, abortion on demand, class envy and a secularism that prohibits open displays of faith and patriotism and you are now the new normal.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, call your mortgage company. See how well these volumes of regulations work. Find out firsthand how difficult it is to speak to a decision maker or to get a straight answer from severely scripted call center reps. Go set up your own business and find out how impossible it is to make a profit after you spend all your capital on compliance and taxation. Welcome to Obama’s America.

While you wait on line at the store staring at your watch because you’re late for a meeting or your lunch hour is about to run out, the takers are standing around kibitzing and wasting time doing nothing ahead of you. Drive on the roads between the h ours of 9 am and 5 pm. All those other cars on the road are not sales people heading to their appointments. They’re unemployed. They’re on disability. They’re under employed and work part time hours. This is Obama’s America.

There are more of them than there are of us. The takers are growing in numbers while the makers are shrinking in numbers. Getting America productive again is not going to happen if you take the food stamps and the cell phones away. It’s only going to get productive again when we offer people a better choice. It’s time to shut the door on the freebies and encourage those who are already on the freebies to get off of them by giving them a better deal.

This is where the takeover of the Republican Party begins.

Mitt Romney is a good man. There are a lot of things he could have done differently in his campaign. He may have won had he pushed the Benghazi issue more (or even more so, he could have won if his opposition research team unearthed the numerous scandal s and hit the Obama campaign hard). He may have won had he been better at selling us on how drilling will put thousands of dollars into each of our pockets in the form of more jobs, higher wages and more capital flowing through our economy.  But, Romney went on the same assumptions that most of us have been operating under for all previous elections: that given the right information, the people will make the right decision every time.

Not this time.

Give them enough stuff and they’ll ignore the right information.

The American electorate is full of slobs. They’re pigs gorging themselves at the trough of government hand outs. The only way to get to these slovenly creatures back into production is to package up a job that pays more than what they’re getting from the government and sell it to them. I’m not saying lie to the American people. But, look at what Obama did. He sold the people a grand illusion. We can do that.+

Sean Hannity said on Friday’s Hannity show “we must adopt the tactics of the left without the lies.”

They elected a candidate from the more “extreme” part of their base. We can do that.
The idea we have to moderate and move to the center is utter nonsense. It’s the same losing formula that cost us every election we didn’t win since Reagan. If the Democrats can nominate a radical left wing progressive socialist and win, it shows us that moderation doesn’t work. Instead of complaining about what the Democrats do, why not learn from them?

I know we reject the idea of style over substance. I know we’re supposed to be the adults in the room who treat politics with reverence and respect. But times have changed and we need to change, too. We need to recognize that in order to win, we must accept the notion of an American idol presidency and that the American people are not going to listen to Paul Ryan speeches no matter how chock full of facts and correct details they are. The slobs, the pigs, the American people wanted Mitt Romney to light his hair on fire and he didn’t. They wanted another Sarah Palin on the ticket. Mitt Romney got 2 million less votes than John McCain. Why? There was no drama.

Barack Obama got 8 million less votes than he got four years ago. Why? Those people had buyer’s remorse, but they were still bored. There was nothing for them to vote for.

If the Republican Party was a musical act, we’d be Englebert Humperdink. We need to be the Sex Pistols. Yes, we need to light ourselves on fire. We need to be outrageous. We need to be Breitbarts. We need to have each other’s backs so that when we speak out in what liberals will define as insensitive ways that we can stand up to them. Yes, there are tons of blacks on food stamps and in poverty. Yes, there are tons of unmarried women who mooch off the government. To quote Sam Kinison:  SAY IT! SAY IT!

What do you think Bill Maher, Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews are doing? They’re saying it for their side. They’re saying their version of what we consider to be outrageous. They are outrageus; and people watch them.

I’m not saying we should be racists, homophobes or sexists. We’re not. They packaged up crap in the right bag and it sold. Why are we having such a hard time packaging up the good stuff in the right bag? We can be just as outrageous as Michael Moore, Al Gore, Van Jones and the like. Let’s piss them off. Let’s tell them how blue the sky is (even if they have successfully lied enough to get everyone to think its green) and watch their heads spin. Don’t duck and run. Even if it’s uncomfortable, say it! We may be outnumbered. But we don’t change who we are fundamentally. The inner core stays the same. It’s how we express that inner core that needs to change.

We need to write song lyrics that are vicious to the left as those written by Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley and Jimi Hendrix were to the right. We need to paint our faces and sing. We need to infiltrate. We need circus animals and girls on trapezes. We need right wing rap and heavy metal libertarianism. We need jugglers and clowns. I know its foreign to us, but we must learn. How do you think they beat us?

To quote Marilyn Manson, “we’re all stars now in the dope show.”

When football teams first discovered the forward pass, those who believed the game should be played on the ground lost unless they learned how to throw the ball. Don’t misunderstand what’s being said here. We’re not lowering ourselves to them. We are infiltrating and beating them at their own game. There’s a difference. They say never wrestle with a pig because in the end you both come out dirty. But, the pig already jumped us and we have no choice.

We need to win this thing back precinct by precinct. We need to grow the Tea Party not just into a political organization but into a lifestyle. When we produce actors, musicians, teachers, professors and academics out of the conservative grass roots, we will win again. When we expand the new media and compete head to head with the mainstream media, we will win again. When we attract African Americans and Hispanics with a winning message that appeals to their base instincts, we will win again.

When we recognize and accept that America is no longer America and that what we had under Ronald Reagan is gone, we will win again. America is no longer Rockwell. It’s van Gogh.  When we craft a new conservative America that looks close enough to what we have now, but which functions more efficiently and fiscally sound, we will win again. When we finally beat them at their own game, we will win again.

What should our strategy on illegal immigration be and how do we attract more Hispanics?

We need to listen to them. The lesson of this election is that we didn’t listen to Hispanics. There are a lot of them that are here legally who resent those who come here illegally. But these same people have friends and family who are here illegally. It bothers them to think the GOP is against their friends and family. We can find a way to change the bureaucracy so that the responsible ones can get legal status. From there they can follow the same legal path to citizenship as every other immigrant does. I’m not talking about outright amnesty. Seal the borders. Make it final. No more illegals from this point forward.

The key to stopping the children from raiding the cookie jar is lock the cookie jar so no one else can get in it. The ones who already raided it are done. It’s over. We can’t unring that bell. We are conservatives. We hate bureaucracy. Push the anti-bureaucracy theme for responsible yet illegal aliens and give them a system that allows them to register, document residency and employment status. Let them show us they have children in school and that they pay their taxes. If they can show they are self sufficient and have not come here to raid our entitlement system, give them a green card and have them pay a reasonable fine for breaking the law.

How do we win over African Americans?

We must appeal to their sense of logic and common sense. We must explain that it is not normal for 93% of any demographic group to vote the same way. Tell a brother to think for himself and not let the culture of dependency, poverty and broken families stop him from making a buck or being successful. Blacks are religious and family oriented. They see these things and opportunity the same way everyone else does. They just vote differently because of group think. It’s called political socialization. They’ve all been taught to vote Democrat.

The key is to get them to start thinking more deeply. Get them to ask themselves why so many of their friends and family are still on government assistance or incarcerated. Then get them to ask themselves what exactly has the Democrat Party done to change this? Why is it that more African American got good jobs under the Reagan administration than under any previous administration to that point?  Conservative African Americans can become role models,  philosophical catalysts and entertainers in a positive way. Ultimately, appeal to their desire to make money. They’re no different than any other demographic group in what they want from the American experience.

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  1. I certainly agree with you that Mitt Romney is a good man and would have definitely been a better alternative to Obama but he lost this all on his own at the Convention.

    The reason I believe Romney lost the Presidency at the RNC Convention are threefold.

    1.) By the new rules he pushed through which effectively disenfranchised the grassroots delegates.

    2.)By the feud he purposely and foolishly picked with Sarah Palin and by extension her supporters. This was a totally needless and arrogant feud and fight that he didn't need to pick.

    3.)He also foolishly thought he didn't need to pander to his base and that they would just obediently fall in line in the end. His words!

    He committed all three of those unforced errors at the Convention.

    Well guess what? To many of the base unfortunately told him where he could go.

    The GOPe needs to learn that lesson for future reference. You don't win elections without your conservative base!


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