Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 7 2012 NFL Football Picks

There can be no more losses to Rachelle. Having to put pictures of heels on my Twitter page is enough. This manly man is not going to lose to a girl again. It's time to send her home a loser this week.  The stakes are high. I have to tweet a picture of me in an Obama hat if I win and Rachelle has to tweet a picture of her with the words Loser as an overlay.

Here are my picks for this week:

10/21 1:00 ET Tennessee At Buffalo
10/21 1:00 ET Arizona At Minnesota
10/21 1:00 ET Cleveland At Indianapolis
10/21 1:00 ET Baltimore At Houston
10/21 1:00 ET Green Bay At St. Louis
10/21 1:00 ET Dallas At Carolina
10/21 1:00 ET Washington At NY Giants
10/21 1:00 ET New Orleans At Tampa Bay
10/21 4:25 ET NY Jets At New England
10/21 4:25 ET Jacksonville At Oakland
10/21 8:30 ET Pittsburgh At Cincinnati
10/22 8:40 ET Detroit At Chicago

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