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We Will Know Our Nation's Fate on November 6, 2012

We are riding the political roller coaster where the polls are up and the polls are down, Obamacare stands, Fast and Furious gets contemptuous and our economy continues to sputter under the heavy hand of a mammoth government which is taxing and regulating our entire business and financial infrastructure into the ground. Four years of Obama's hope and change leaves us teetering on the edge of fiscal and social disaster. As elections go, this one is the biggie. This is the one where the American people decide to either destroy their nation or put it back on a track toward restoration and renewal.

Political friends and foes alike are all over the map on who's going to win. There are Obama supporters who see him losing this go around and there are Obama supporters who see him winning. There are also Obama supporters who are defecting. There are Romney supporters who see him losing and there are Romney supporters who see him winning. There are also a lot of conservatives who would prefer a different nominee. Some are voting for him anyway; others are not yet sure.

When talking with the vast swath of these people across the political spectrum, one thing is certain: uncertainty. The polls don't tell us much yet because it's too early. They swing back and forth with each passing day. For this writer, it's a hard call. I know who I want to win and I know why I want him to win. But as far as analysis, this is all I have: we will know our nation's fate on November 6, 2012.

This is the election that will tell us how fiscally knowledgeable we are and how morally and socially healthy we are as a country. Simply put, on that fateful Tuesday in November, take all those intellectually tainted by their own laziness and their willingness to be lied to by the mainstream media, the moral and emotional dirtbags who peddle their negativity and cultural crassness and those who stubbornly refuse to see the harsh reality of how Obama's policies and political philosophy are bringing us closer and closer to becoming like Greece and have them all stand in one corner. Then, take all the commonsense constitutional conservatives, Tea Partiers, diehard Republicans, patriotic Americans and citizens across the socio-economic spectrum who are simply fed up with how the government is running things and put them in the other corner.

If we count all those who both knowingly and unknowingly stand in the corner with those who history will remember as the dirtbags who destroyed America as we know it and there are more of them than us, we lose. The founding fathers will be proven right that this great democracy is ours to fight for and keep or ours to lose because of our own shortcomings. Thomas Jefferson believed that the most dangerous thing to our democracy was a falsely educated or uneducated populace. If we have become that now, God help us.

On the other hand, if there are still more of us than them, we take our first step back toward restoration. Think of it like the Roadrunner cartoon where the coyote has already gone past the "Achtung" sign where the road ends and turns to gravel and boulders before finally stopping at the cliff's edge. We're already past the Achtung sign (and getting really close to the edge of the cliff now). We will have to turn around and undo all of the damage that Obama and the Democrats have done before we can even get back on the good section of highway again.

Which leads me back to who I'm voting for and why. I was hoping to vote for Sarah Palin. If she had gotten the nomination, some would have resisted and others would have warmed up to her. Then there's the large group who already consider her to be their leader. America needed Sarah Palin right now. She didn't run. But she continues to fight. Sarah Palin would have came to Washington, kicked ass and turned this country around without any doubt. It could have been four to get it straight. Eight to make it great.

So with that said, we only have one nominee and the choice is between him and Obama.

The future of the Tea Party and the future for those who dream of one day watching Sarah Palin take the oath of office is now in the hands of one Willard Mitt Romney. For many like me, he is not the most exciting candidate in the world. He still carries the lingering odor of the establishment and his pragmatic nature leads him further to the right than he was years ago. Like or dislike Romney. Like or dislike the GOP establishment. Regardless, voting for his opponent is political suicide for our nation.

Quite frankly, the dynamic that would have helped Palin in a roundabout way is the same dynamic that now helps Romney. Had Palin gotten the nomination, the GOP establishment would have no choice but to hold their nose and support her given the alternative in Obama. Only now, its the conservative base that has to hold their nose and pull the lever for Romney. But pull it for Romney we must.

Romney is not that bad of a prospect for president. He has business skills. He is an extremely intelligent man. He has a wonderful family and a very likable wife. There are some moderate and RINO aspects to him, but he's not John McCain. He is running a well financed and much more disciplined campaign than McCain ran.

He is also embracing the idea of having surrogates use the same tactics the left uses against us. Republicans and conservatives have woken up to the notion that we have to get our hands dirty. In the past, we've pulled our punches. Not this time around! We used to play tiddly winks while they played dodge ball. We're finally picking up the ball and hitting them back with it.

On top of that, Romney is an executive with executive experience. That's a lot more to say than what Obama has.

Before you start tweeting me about this Romney stuff, allow me to finish.

I admit Romney is boring. Romney is a technocrat. We need the fire of  a Palin. We need what Reagan gave us in 1980 when our country was in a similar situation after four years of Jimmy Carter. We're not going to get that from Romney. Forget about the warm and fuzzies this time around and just keep your eye on the prize. We can't have Obama win again. Period.

Romney's not the second coming. But he is a good guy and we can vote for him. In the last election, I voted for Palin not McCain. This election, I'm voting for all of us not Romney.

If you ever had a job where your boss was a tyrant and you hoped the sharp guy or gal sitting next to you who you admired so much would take his place after he got fired, you probably were somewhat okay when they replaced him with some corporate guy rather than the person you knew deserved the job. One thing you did know was at least the nightmare was over. Whoever the company chose to replace the tyrant with would obviously have to be much better than that tyrant.

Also, the election of Romney buys us time. Remember, if Obama wins, the game is over. The country's gone.  If Romney wins, that's four more years to keep recruiting Tea Partiers to run at the state and local level. We can build our minor leagues. We can strengthen our bullpen. The future of America is the citizen politician. Look at how the liberals did it. Infiltrate, infiltrate, infiltrate. We can burrow into the pop culture, the academia, the political establishment and the media. This is ultimately how we will and must win long term.

It's very important that we communicate properly to those under 45. Many of the people you talk to were either not alive or too young to remember what America was like under Reagan. Tears stream down my face when I compare the memories of my country then to the dark monster it has become now.

If you fell asleep in 1988 and woke up in 2012, the shock would be unbelievable. The horror you would feel and the hair raising limb numbing shock that would overcome your being would make you physically ill. Our country is by far way different and way worse off than it was then. If I hadn't experienced the decline gradually over the course of years, I would never have believed this could have happened. My Lord, it's so surreal it makes me shake to think about it.

America can be that great again. America can be that shining city on a hill again. We must defeat Obama at all legal costs. We must elect whoever is at the head of our ticket now so that we can live again to fight and someday put a Palin, a Rubio, a West or a Ryan in the White House. Our next Reagan walks among us. But it is truly us who have to all be that collective Reagan now. We must renew and restore ourselves as we renew and restore our nation.

We have a great band with an okay singer. They got a great singer with a horrible band. Ultimately, our music will sound better than there's if we just keep playing. Someday, our front woman or front man will lead us back to that beacon of hope. Until then, keep praying. And, God help us if we lose. This is our last chance. This is do or die.

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