Monday, November 5, 2012

Pray For America

Voting for the future of America

It's crunch time. They have been doing polls for almost two years now. None of the polls is giving us a clear winner. The answer we are looking for will be provided to us after Tuesday's election. That's the real poll. It will only be then that we will find out whether there are enough of us left to save our country. The time for prayer is now.

Those who will be voting for Obama will be choosing the destruction of America as we know it. The radical progressive agenda to fundamentally transform America requires that they get enough people to (whether knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally) vote for a candidate who is on record through either word or deed as having supported Marxist views, wealth redistribution, the destruction of coal and other traditional energy production, the unprecedented growth of government, the unprecedented growth of debt and the stifling of the free market system. If there are enough people to out-vote us, it's over. Country gone.

It's time to put all of us in one corner and all of them in the other. If there are more of us than them, we win. God will have blessed us with His divine providence and we will narrowly escape another moment in our history that could have been the end of the Republic as we know it. If there are more of them than us, we lose. The question is answered and we move forward preparing ourselves for the new normal - a new normal that we can use the last four years as the benchmark or starting point for understanding how the way things will be.

Divine providence will no longer be with us. It cannot co-exist with the stifling of liberty. It cannot co-exist with the moral decay that accompanies a government that believes it can ram its pro abortion, anti-marriage (man and woman) secular agenda down the throats of those who believe in God's Word and traditional lifestyles. This is not about us being intolerant. Those who have different lifestyles than we do will always have the same right to be free under our Constitution. It's the codification of those lifestyles at the expense and to the detriment of ours that will bring about the end of the greatness that once made our country strong.

We are on the brink of becoming a society of animals who loot the treasury as easily as the thugs in Staten Island loot homes. Just look at the growing numbers of people on food stamps, the Obama phones and the increased pressure to take wealth from those who earned it and give it to those who would just as easily key our cars for having Romney stickers on them or who would cut us in line at the store because they think they're entitled to it.

You all see it. You drive on the roads. You have business dealings or consumer transactions with mindless people behind desks, cash registers and the other end of telephone lines. You see how people act in public. You see how they act in stores and supermarkets. It's so ghetto. It's so white trash. It's so demeaning to people of all races to see the way people act today. It's downright disgusting.

And not that every Obama voter acts that way. But I guarantee you, if you ask any of those who I describe as being an "animal" who they're voting for, they will tell you Obama. This is because Obama and his agenda (both overt and covert) relies on the dumbing down of America. It relies on people being reliant and being unruly so that the need for government grows. It relies on creating a society where the government stands for the lowest common denominator rather than for a citizenry that can make its own choices and live with the consequences of those choices while setting standards high so they can achieve great things.

Democrats won't pass school vouchers. Why? Because it eliminates their excuses for failure. It eliminates the ability to blame the Republican Party or conservatives. It eliminates their ability to call white people racists because their kids attend better schools. It's time for those who are part of districts that have failing schools to look themselves in the mirror and stop pointing their fingers at others.

Let's hope the grown-ups win and we can clean up our broken political system. When the economy provides jobs instead of hand outs, people take ownership of their lives. The number of "animals" decreases as the number of employed increases. The number of "animals" decreases as the need for handouts decreases. Let's clean the cage and close the zoo. If Mitt Romney wins, America will be back in business again.

This is it, folks. The time has come. Pray. Pray real hard. Then go vote.

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