Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Robert Stacy McCain Convinced Me That Sarah Palin Will Run

Who am I? I'm just another Sarah Palin supporter who spent the last three years blogging about why she should be president. Actually, I'm an American who sees the job and housing market going down the toilet who wants to see someone get into Washington and flip some tables and toss a few people out on their asses. Either way, I've been all in for Sarah Palin since I sent an email to friends declaring her the next Reagan the day after she gave the Minnesota speech.

I argue until I'm blue in the face with idiots and good hearted people alike. One argument has always been why she would allow the crazy number of people supporting her continue to blow off about her running for president.

Watching Governor Palin interact with her army has been like watching a perfect example of leadership. Her supporters are their own people with their own opinions who act independently of any official Palin organization. Yet, she has never been shy about stepping up and joining a battle with her online supporters. Nor has she been shy about telling them to keep their powder dry or to set them straight on something that they're wrong about.

Robert Stacy McCain knows this all too well.

So why the silence from Wasilla now?

Stacy posted:
There was zero reaction from Palin to this morning’s quote from a grassroots organizer in Iowa, saying he’s “100 percent” sure that she’s running. Instead, she reacted to a U.K. Daily Mail article about the Iowa premiere of The Undefeated.
She knows Organize4Palin is out there. She knows that Stacy is trying to get her to cough it up about running (who can blame him?). We know she reads Conservatives4Palin and other blogs about her because she's retweeted them. What websites and blogs does she read? "All of them."

She hears us. She knows we want her to run.

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