Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Sarah Palin Reads

I read this article earlier this week. It was great.

Rob Cunningham writes at American Thinker:
It [The Undefeathed] will awaken the senses for those previously unconvinced of exactly how the modern day "progressive" movement comfortably uses lies, ridicule, false narratives and intellectual laziness to mislead their audiences. This movie delivers a massive body blow to the media, it dilutes the effectiveness of liberal scare tactics and will vaccinate millions against infection from traditional "news" reporting. By powerfully highlighting the media's methods of distortion, one of the most powerful weapons used against all conservatives, is damaged.
I wasn't the only one who read it. A certain former governor who ran for vice president also caught it.

Despite being nuked, the media still continues to lie about the movie.

CNN's Scumbaggery

The media lies.

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