Sunday, July 17, 2011

We Can Learn About Liberalism's Deception By How The Media Lies

Negative media spin on "The Undefeated" is nothing more than intellectual prostitution for the Left

If those who oppose Sarah Palin do so armed with talking points and arguments that they get from the mainstream media, it will be quickly apparent that their sources are sources of lies. Their feeble attempts to prop up their arguments are easily exposed when one comes to understand how they link to, argue and cite "facts and figures" that exist just because some writer, anchor or guest said they do in order to argue against the truth.

Liberalism is a vapid ideology that does nothing but limit the power of one's mind with its cynical approach toward attacking the very nature of life, man and God. When unaffected people see this, they are quick to recognize it and distance themselves as far from it as they can. Catharine Evans writes at American Thinker:
Since the takeover of the DNC by Obama and his minions on May 31, 2008, millions of independents and Democrats have lifted up the rock of so-called liberalism and seen the sludge and slime underneath. The left's class warfare/racial rhetoric is a masterful lie, a ruse, a con job, a ruling class ploy to amass followers, using them to promote an agenda that will eventually do them in.
We can learn how they hide the sludge by observing how the media lies with a complicity of intent to cover the underlying fact that liberalism's only way to achieve its goals of equality through wealth redistribution and government centralization has failed every time its been tried. Liberals casually change points of argument conveniently to fit situations and hide the fact that they stand on liquid ground with no firm core or basic moral foundation.

Conservatives fear Americans will lose touch with the truth. Liberals fear Americans will find the truth. It is there that the two ideologies become incompatible and resistant to compromise at all levels. This is the dance that observers of the political process watch.

Liberalism thrives on misinformation and spin. When conservatives call them on it, they react emotionally and turn to personal attacks or the policy of personal destruction. When you can't defeat the message, it's more important to defeat the messenger.

Liberals and the media know "The Undefeated" is a big deal. It is as existential a threat to their memes about and caricatures of Sarah Palin as Palin is an existential threat to the very existence of liberalism.

The media has taken to its old tactics of lying to the public about the attendance and enthusiam for the movie. They learn once again that the Palin army is quick to trigger and laserlike in its precision. No shot goes unanswered. This time, the target is cited and rhetorically destroyed by as Newstweeters expose the tactics of The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf:
The problem with Friedersdorf was he attended a midnight showing that was not scheduled or promoted by any marketing effort save for one obscure line in a newspaper movie listing. Oh, and if you googled the movie, the town, and the day, you might actually find the one place where you could possibly get tickets. It is clear Friedersdorf selected this movie showing because he knew no one would show up for a movie that no one, but him, seemed to know about. He did this clearly to rush home and ‘get the scoop’, spread the narrative he hoped would end the Palin Movie surge and, by his reckoning, the potential presidential run by Sarah Palin.
Alas, poor Conor now has to wake up to reality, not that he didn’t get a dose of it yesterday, as the counter surge emerged to expose this journolist hack for staging, or at least trying to stage, a crushing narrative against THE UNDEFEATED. From the Freedomist to Conservatives4Palin to even Mark Levin, the voices of truth shouted down the lies of Conor Friedersdorf and his MSM propaganda efforts.
Conservatives4Palin clearly broke down the numbers so that anyone with half a brain could clearly see that the roll out of the film was a success. The independent film outdrew all of its commercial and independent competitors with the exception of Harry Potter, which was to be expected given the advertising budget of the movie and the added twist that it was the last movie in a widely known and well liked series.

The most damaging evidence of all against the leftist lies is the press release from Arc Entertainment which clearly shows how happy the company is with the strong opening weekend. Josh Painter at Texans4Palin writes:
 "The Undefeated," now in the third day of its opening run, is already a indisputable success. ARC Entertainment has crunched the numbers from the box offices of its ten theaters showing Stephen Bannon's Palin documentary, and the company is very pleased with the results.
But, why let the truth get in the way of a good smear campaign. Even when the theaters are full for "The Undefeated," the media screwballs use questionable journalistic tactics to undermine it. CNN, in its complicity with the progressive movement, sent a reporter to Georgia to ask loaded questions and try to set up Palin supporters so they would look uninformed or say something that could be taken out of context to be used against Governor Palin's image. Viewers who also watched CNN over the weekend have indicated that they got the impression the movie was panned based on the way it was covered.

It's a sad fact when journalists will put their integrity aside simply to squeeze their size 16 bag of lies into a size 4 bag of truth. They would rather bend their own minds and perform the rhetorical contortions required to twist their vacant ideology into something palatable enough for susceptible readers who may be looking for a way to project the misery and anger of their own personal failings onto the person of Sarah Palin.

Gratifying Palin Derangement Syndrome victims who believe lies by giving them more lies to believe is simply a journalistic keyboard job given to those who get off on their hatred of Sarah Palin. More to the point, these "journalists" sell their twisted articles based on unfound facts in such a way that it is little more than intellectual prostitution.

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