Friday, July 8, 2011

Sarah Palin Has Walked the Coals

It will take the election of a citizen politician like Sarah Palin who has run businesses, regulatory agencies and governments in order to de-institutionalize all the nonsense we have in our system and re-institutionalize in our culture a sense that governing ourselves from the bottom up rather than the top down is the key to restoring American exceptionalism and to providing a perpetual path for growth for future generations.

We need a time tested warrior to fix our country. Don’t be fooled by the demagoguery that lurks in the Republican Party either. Replacing Obama with just another Republican, or a generic Republican as the polls suggest, will end the socialism and reckless spending. But, returning to business as usual means a continuation of crony capitalism – a false brand of capitalism that relies on the lobbying and the legislative process to choose winners and losers based on who you know rather than what you do.

A truly conservative system with a libertarian flavor almost came into full existence under Ronald Reagan, but was not allowed to take root and grow past the elections of George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

It will take someone who has already been battle tested and has who survived the ridicule of the Left and the doubters in the establishment to prove beforehand that they have the courage to flip the tables and upset the apple carts that need to be upset in order to clean house so that a new philosophy and strategy can take root. It will take a spine of steel for our next president to make this happen. We can’t roll the dice on unproven candidates or those who have not walked across the coals already.

It is time to wake up, America. The binge is over. Had we had the fortitude to go through the shakes and withdrawal symptoms necessary to fix our problem three years ago, we’d be through the worst part of the pain by now. But because we kicked the can down the road, it’s only getting worse. It’s now or never. Fix it or die.

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