Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sarah Palin is Too Good Looking For Liberals

Jonathan Capehart at the Washington Post thinks "being dressed like that" is not presidential. He says people don't want to see the president in Maxim Magazine or voted "Sexiest Woman Alive." Sarah Palin is dressed casually in a photoshoot for Newsweek. There is nothing provocative about the clothing or the way she's dressed. The real problem for liberals is that she is too good looking for them in those clothes.

It represents the very heart of Palin Derangement Syndrome. For the last three years, they have been trying to hide a daffodil in a sea of written weeds. I'm not just talking about her looks. Her political philosophy and her record of accomplishment are stellar, so the Left has to hide that by creating the illusion that they're not. This is no different than their attempt to either play down her looks by saying "ew, look at the clothes she's wearing" or to play up her looks and say that someone who would wear the type of running outfit she wore for Runner's World is too pin-up for the presidency.

Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller adds to this by pointing out that the issue of her attire is also born out of a snobbish DC elitism.

How much of this might have to do with the disconnect DC denizens have when it comes to judging people from more rugged regions, such as Alaska? Real people don’t always wear blazers.

I also wonder if there might be a double standard here. Is the fact that Palin isn’t donning a traditional ladies’ pantsuit any different than male politicians who pose sans business suit? Jon Huntsman, for example, walks around in cords and jean jackets — and people seem to think it’s endearing…
Billy Hallowell at The Blaze also takes issue with Capehart's article. It's flat out sexist.

It‘s interesting to see such criticism of a potential presidential candidate’s clothing, considering the praise President Obama has received for his shirtless escapades on the beach. President Bush, too, was known for occasionally sporting “plain folks’” clothing. Is there a difference, here, perhaps due to the fact that Palin is a woman?
It's obvious that the Left breaks into night sweats and trembles with constant fear at the mere thought of Sarah Palin being president. Good for them. Now they understand what the rest of America feels when they think about Barack Obama and how he is destroying our economy, ruining our healthcare system and running amok abroad.

The problem is the angst about Palin is an irrational fear based on contrived misperceptions. The reality is the angst about Obama is real, felt by everyday people who are sending resumes looking for jobs and worrying about their children's futures as massive debt is piled on.

If Sarah Palin was as big of an idiot and detriment to the United States as liberals make her out to be, she'd be Barack Obama.

Liberalism lives for strife and suffering so its proponents can complain about it and use it as a reason to advance a collectivist agenda. The idea of having Sarah Palin reviving our economy by drilling for oil, reforming the tax structure and bringing our military in line with our national interests is just way too good looking for liberals to handle. As for me, if she looks that good in a jogging suit, bonus.

On a more serious note:
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