Monday, May 16, 2011

We Are a European Style Socialist Democracy

Progressives have succeeded in implementing stage one of their plan. We are now a European style socialist democracy.

According to Randall Hoven at American Thinker:
We are already a "European" country. In fact, we are more European than Switzerland and Luxembourg. We are to the European side of our English-speaking cousins of Australia, New Zealand and Canada. If we are anti-Obama because we don't want to be like Europe, that horse has already left the barn.
I'm not one to get into conspiracy theories, but all the signs are there that this is stage one of a two stage plan. The first step is to prepare America for the transition by getting them to resemble the European Social Democracies so that it can then by treaty and through the U.N. informally give up its sovereignty and become more in line with a global redistribution of wealth - which is the second step.

Most of what has been happening to our country is occurring because of our inaction, rather than as the result of a grand scheme being played out in a central command with puppet masters pulling strings. There is a Utopian philosophy and a vision that the Left and the progressive movement have about our country. It does include world peace through global initiative (the surrendering of sovereignty) and the levelling of the playing field between rich and poor, which would be done more by bringing down the rich than elevating the poor. With nothing to compete with or debunk this vision, the world will head toward some type of a new world order, whether we want to believe it will happen as a result of a conspiracy or we want to believe it will happen incrementally. The fact of the matter is it is happening now and has been for awhile.

Obama's election was the wake up call that got many of us to see this. But it has been going on for decades, possibly even as long as a century. Look back over the last hundred years and see if this movement toward socialism correlates with the growing number of liberals and progressives who have gained power during that time.

We can only reverse the course and return to a society that values individual Liberty and American exceptionalism if we elect true conservatives. We must know who these people are and support them, whether it be for election to Congress or the presidency. We, also, must speak out and make our voices heard in the new media and in the pop culture. There is a lot of work to do. But it must be done.

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