Thursday, May 19, 2011

Marginalizing the Mainstream Media

I've been right about Sarah Palin all along.

Early in 2009 while still stinging from the 2008 presidential defeat, I wrote a page that I refer to from time to time called the Fight For the Right Page. I've changed it very little and only in ways where I added material to support my original thoughts. The fundamental gist of the page has not changed since Sarah Palin was governor of Alaska even though I added quotes from her post resignation Hong Kong speech to better articulate my view of liberalism and conservatism. When I read it now, it warms my heart to see how much of what I believed needed to be done to bring the conservative movement up to speed has been done and is being done now.

When I wrote about infiltrating the pop culture, using the Internet and turning the Alinsky tables on the Left, I meant it more for writers, bloggers and political strategists. I never in my wildest dreams thought that Sarah Palin, who probably hasn't read the page, would be the ultimate executioner of what I wrote.

Today, the foremost authority on how to handle the media is the one person who was burned by it. Sarah Palin has worked hard at toning and conditioning herself to take on this once unbeatable beast. Today, she owns them. She towers over the media the way they towered over her nearly three years ago.

Sarah Palin was something special in 2008. But if you thought she was good back then, just take a look at her now. She is a behemoth.

The strategy for winning in 2012 is twofold. The first perimeter we must breach is the mainstream media. They have formed a wall around Obama, refusing to cover his missteps and his radical associations while creating false memes about conservatives, the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. Break through this line of defense, and despite his billion dollar campaign, the campaign fight will be fair. Beat him this way and we take the board back and put the grown ups back in charge.

Sarah Palin laid out exactly how to do that last night on Hannity:
There's got to be the preparation on all the candidates' parts for those gotchas. That's what the lamestream media's known for now a days, it's the gotcha trip up questions and you just have to be prepared for it and overcome it.


Well, I think to start with, we ignore some of these reporters and their requests for us to comment and be interviewed. We know going into what they are going to do to us, to a conservative. So, why participate in their game?

Instead, candidates need to get their message out via the new social media, be a fair and balanced reporters who will just allow the facts to get out there. Don't even participate in that goofy game that has been played now for too many years with the leftist lamestream media trying to twist the candidates' words and intent and content of their statements.
One reason why Sarah Palin should be the Republican nominee is because there is no one who has a better way or a stronger motive for beating the mainstream media than Sarah Palin does.

If you go as far as to even believe the media that Sarah Palin wasn't ready for prime time in 2008, it only makes our argument stronger. How is it possible that a ditz who can see Russia from her house who was over $500,000 in debt and left her job as governor amidst rapid fire ethics complaints turned out to be a millionaire today, a top contender for the Republican nomination, a media analyst, an accomplished author, a highly sought after public speaker and referred to by people in her political party as a kingmaker whose endorsement is worth gold?

There are a lot of people out there that still don't believe it yet. I knew it on August 29, 2008. I knew this was going to happen. I told you this was going to happen. Do you remember when I referred to her as an evolving candidate and not a snapshot in time? I may not be able to guess whether or not Sarah is running for president. I may not be able to predict her next moves. But I always knew she was our next great one.

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