Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Get Elephants to Fight in the Green Room

An article that was just released by the liberal New York Magazine takes shots at Roger Ailes, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, other Republicans and several potential GOP presidential candidates. It cites unnamed sources to claim Roger Ailes said certain things which would damage him in the eyes of Republicans and conservatives. The subtitle reads "The circus Roger Ailes created at Fox News made his network $900 million last year. But it may have lost him something more important: the next election." It should read "okay Republicans start fighting with each other."

It's the intention of the article to create disharmony within the Republican Party. By throwing mud at Fox News chairman Roger Ailes and focusing on an alleged feud with Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, Gabriel Sherman paints a picture of the head of Fox News as someone who wants to elect the next Republican president but who doesn't want anyone to think Fox News is an arm of the Republican Party. By painting Sarah Palin as "stupid," it plays on the worn out meme started by the liberal media in 2008 after Sarah Palin scared the daylights out of them with her RNC speech. Hours of insightful answers by Palin were boiled down to what newspapers she reads and how she could see Russia from her house - the former, a human misstep and the latter a flat out lie.

The attempts to destroy Palin after her 2008 RNC speech weren't as obvious to the unsuspecting victim (watchers and readers of mainstream news outlets). The attempts to destroy Palin leading into 2012 are nothing less than a metaphorical attempted political slaying out in the open.

She lives.

The New York Magazine article uses a classic technique, one which was used in fact by a former boss of mine. By keeping the employees at each others' throats, he was able to distract them from the fact that he was cheating them out of credit for accounts they were responsible for and the overall fact that he was in an ineffective leader. It would serve the liberal cause well if Americans watched conservatives and Republicans eat each other over comments quoted by unnamed sources.

It generated this first shot of acrimony from Anthony Martin (h/t @THIZDUDE_THINKZ):
And if he did, indeed, refer to Palin as stupid, then such a comment speaks volumes about the character of the man. Palin is nobody's fool. America loves her. Her massive crowds at speaches and book signings prove it.
It's a crafty piece. The average moron will read it and come away thinking Palin is an idiot, Fox News is an arm of the Republican Party and the GOP has no candidate capable of defeating Obama in 2012. Good job, New York Magazine. We will now get to find out if it works, if America is that stupid.

It's been a pattern that hit pieces against Republicans, conservatives, the Tea Party and Sarah Palin come out on a Monday. Everyone goes back to work on the most miserable, negative day of the week and they're hit with, well, misery and negativity.

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  1. The fact that SP can stand among presidential hopefuls, after over two years of battle and media attacks, is IMO amazing. Some of them are crumbling with just two weeks of mild treatment

    I think this demonstrates that Palin has the capability and fortitude the others can only promise.


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