Friday, May 27, 2011

The Liberal Myth of Sisyphus

If we were to link to all of the hit pieces that have been written about Sarah Palin and to all of the videos of pundits who have trashed her in the mainstream television news media, this post would be book length. But, what would really extend the length of such an article would be the number of rebuttals and refudiations of those hits. Since Palin hit the national scene in August 2008, a frenzy of the deranged has continued nearly non-stop. Yet, after all that, the latest Gallup poll shows Palin just two points behind Mitt Romney as the GOP choice for 2012.

It is the debunking of all myths and lies about Sarah Palin far and wide that is the real story here. We often hear of how the media treats her unfairly. But we never hear (of course) the full story of how every single lie, myth, vitriolic report or far fetched opinion of Sarah Palin has been completely and thoroughly obliterated by the more intellectually honest members of the media and by members of the Palin army in the blogosphere and throughout the social networks.

The tide of a raging river is a natural event. Trying to stop such a tide is a monumental task. If that tide ever slowed down to the point where it no longer had power, it would also happen as a result of natural occurrences. Although, there are many in the establishment who believe they can simply convince us that those laws of nature don’t apply.

It is Absurdist Theater to watch the deranged continue their Sisyphusian effort to paint over a blue sky, to hide the raging river from view and to perform the rhetorical gymnastics necessary to keep the public thinking bad things about Sarah Palin. In many ways, it’s sad to watch people not only deny reality but to lie about it. Yet, the silver lining in all of this is how Sarah Palin and those who fight the rhetorical battles on her behalf have become so skilled and so adept at handling everything that has been thrown at them.

Watching the Palin haters roll the rock up the hill only to have it roll back down on them has become comical. These Wile E. Coyotes of the media have proclaimed themselves elitist super geniuses. But eventually, we will hear the immortal words of the coyote after having all of his booby traps explode in his face: “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is mud.”

They timed the whole thing like a fireworks display. They fired and fired their rockets knowingly leading themselves into the finale where the big displays with the loudest booms would be the death blow to a Palin candidacy. With the hit books on her timed for release as candidates announce for 2012, their best shot, Blind Allegiance by Frank Bailey, appeared to be heading directly on target.

They didn’t expect that one to be shot out of the sky as easily as their past efforts. But, shot down it was by Sean Hannity and Adrienne Ross. Not only did it not result in taking out Palin, it was responded to with the execution of a lightning precision shock and awe campaign that must have liberals shaking in their boots.

Immediately following the release of the Bailey book, it was confirmed that Sarah Palin had bought a house in Arizona, was releasing a movie that would set her record straight as governor of Alaska and was embarking on a nationwide bus tour. Taste my nightstick? No. More like duck and cover.

Jeanne Devon has got to look like the Coyote right now, frazzled, burnt and demoralized after watching her effort go for naught, other than for a few bucks.

Sarah Palin stands triumphant after having been bombarded with the nastiest smear campaign ever launched against a political figure in history. That is a testament to her presidential mettle.

It’s not over yet, though. Levi Johnston’s book still hasn’t come out yet. Try not to laugh.

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