Monday, January 17, 2011

Will we see a presidential Sarah Palin on Hannity tonight?

Everyone is waiting for Sean Hannity's interview with Sarah Palin tonight on Fox News Channel to see how she responds to the false accusations against her regarding the Tucson, AZ shootings and to see how she reacts to the criticism she has been getting in the mainstream media for her video where she we responds to those accusations. The responses to tonight's interview will be predictable - particularly those coming from the Left. Rest assured we will see an articulate Palin who stands strong on her principles while acknowledging the firestorm that surrounds her. But rest equally assured that you will see a mainstream media backlash again with a focus on how presidential she comes across.

Liberals can begin writing their columns now. We all know that even if Sarah Palin unveils the cure for cancer tonight on Hannity, tomorrow's papers, news websites and blogs will open with the aces they already have up their sleeves. You will hear talk about how she is too sensitive to criticism (they will ignore the death threats). You will read commentary about how polarizing and divisive she is even as some liberals concede the reasons for the outrage against her for Tucson isn't true.

All the Left needs to do is complete the bodies of their articles and leave room for a quote or two from Palin, which they will find after microscopic scrutiny of the transcript of tonight's interview. If she says one word that enters a grey area, if they find a sentence that can be spun to their delight or if they can find a head movement or eye response from her that can be embedded as video, all the left wing media has to do is find the part of their template and copy and paste the quote or video into the section where they have already prepared their attack in advance.

On the other hand, conservatives - particularly Palin supporters - will rush to their keyboards to write articles and blog posts hailing Palin as having been presidential.

It will be those articles and posts that will cause the liberal media to go into a tizzy. The follow up to those articles will be more blood libel. Palin's presidential timber will be chain sawed and axed to saw dust with utter disregard for the facts or her actual statements. It will be the pure fear we will see once again when liberals see articles praising Palin and pointing to facts that show how she is clearly a viable and qualified candidate for president.

The support of Sarah Palin will not be broadcast on the mainstream media. As people praise her and heap accolades on her for her interview performance, mainstream media will stand in a position to block the scene from the public. They will tell you "move on, there's nothing to see here." They will tell you that we cannot have a president that draws such vile from the public.

Following the Jets victory over New England today, you will still have the nay sayers that say she can't do it. You will have those who will predict her demise or declare her political career over. These people need to be reminded that until we see her in a primary where real people vote, these types of predictions are about as useful as those which declared the Patriots the winner of yesterday's game even before the coin had been tossed.

We know in advance what is going to happen tomorrow in the media and in the blogosphere. Rule of thumb for all objective readers: if it's spinning (whether it is a sentence or a liberal's head), it's not worth reading. Watch Palin's speech tonight and use your own brain. Don't rely on the brains of media idiots.

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