Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Political Assassination of Sarah Palin

It’s obvious that we are watching a smear campaign with millions of tentacles which uses selective outrage to manufacture talking points where there is no real basis in fact in order to try to destroy Sarah Palin. Watching the liberal media perform intellectually dishonest mental gymnastics (which are probably better described as sleight of mind tricks) is akin to watching a little kid who knows he’s about to lose move the ball on the pool table when the other kid isn’t looking in a last ditch effort to turn the game. These political air benders defecate on the face of journalism and the American people when they trade in their journalistic credentials in order to distort the analytical process so brutally just for the sake of destroying those with whom they disagree. The evidence of a deliberate effort to destroy Sarah Palin is now self evident.

David Frum and David Corn juxtaposed comments that were completely out of touch with reality when "critiquing" Sarah Palin’s video yesterday on Lawrence O’Donnell’s Last Word on MSNBC. It was like watching two pundits split screen with a video of a cloudless blue sky trying to tell us that it was green and cloudy. Karen Tumulty continues to spew out hit piece after hit piece on Sarah Palin at the Washington Post. Her latest hit piece performs journalistic contortions of the circus variety in order to unilaterally (okay with the help of co-writer Peter Wallsten) name herself queen of the world and declare that Palin’s video backfired because she used the words “blood libel.” Scour the internet and you find numerous articles praising Palin's video. But don't tell that to Tumulty. Radio talk show host Michael Savage, far from being a Palin supporter, said Sarah Palin has shown herself to be a true leader after watching the video.

This whole "blood libel" gin up seems to make these crazy liberal journalists, writers and pundits sound as crazy as Arizona shooter Jared Loughner with his complaints about people's grammar. But we really know what they're up to. It's not just about "blood libel." It's about the political destruction of a force that they fear will destroy their credibility forever.

Think about this. More manufactured outrage was directed at Sarah Palin and the American Right than at the shooter. When people are genuinely outraged and shocked, they react in many different ways. There is no blueprint for how we handle tragedy. People who don’t know each other don’t go on Twitter and all tweet the same things. However, when outrage is manufactured for political purpose, the boilerplate that has been evident so many times before becomes stunningly obvious.

It’s clear from the fluid effort on the part of the media that their talking points and the timing of their responses to Sarah Palin are flowing in a pre-ordained time frame. The tragedy happens and trained bloggers and tweeters hit the internet within 30 minutes.

Play it out further. Once the Twitter sphere and blogosphere is saturated with the vitriol, the next step is for the liberal media to pick up the meme and begin discussing the role of Palin’s rhetoric in the shooting. Then, they pull out the file they have been waiting to use since prior to the 2010 elections which include a picture of the Take Back the 20 map complete with crosshairs and a clip of speech where Sarah Palin uses the words “don’t retreat, reload.” Had Sarah Palin left a candy bar wrapper on the ground outside of a CVS three months ago, they would have pulled that out, too.

Follow this up with complaints of Palin remaining silent on the issue to set up the next talking point that she is interjecting herself into the story. Print it up and have it ready to go. Leave the time and date blank. You know she’s going on Facebook. It’s just a matter of when and then bang, hit send and the preordained media narrative now becomes what they planned it to be the day before. Rush Limbaugh pointed out that the media made Palin part of the story on purpose.

Which brings us to today’s move, which comes complete with coordinated talking points like “her political career is finished” and this is “the nail in her political coffin.” This tells me that if you had gotten the talking points memo this past Saturday, those points were already scheduled for today in advance. Whether she said “blood libel” or not is irrelevant as they would have gone with something else. Attacking Sarah Palin is simple for those who make it up as they go. It’s a fill in the blanks template.

If Sarah Palin had cured cancer last night, MSNBC would be all ready to run with the story about how a self-aggrandizing woman cures cancer in a cynical political move to revive her poll numbers. It’s gotten so predictable that the hits on Sarah Palin are so far removed from the actual things she does that they aren’t holding water like they used to.

The media knows this now so they are using the psychological tactic that if you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth. The current smear campaign causes disbelief and outrage with 57% of the American people, yet the media are not concerned. The mere fact that these memes are circling Palin and the president remained quiet until last night (Rush Limbaugh suggested he was waiting for polls to determine whether or not the Palin meme worked - which it didn't causing him to temper the rhetoric of the speech), allows the psychological factor to work again, or so they think. However, this time, most people reject their notions.

What the media is doing is advancing the ball on the simulator trying to get you to think that this is what’s actually going on in the game. In the old Soviet Union, propaganda ministers would totally misrepresent the facts knowing full well that there was no one there who would have been allowed to take photographs and talk directly to witnesses. However, here in America they do it in broad daylight.

We are witnessing a political assassination in which the killer in full view of witnesses and television cameras executes the victim and the media reports it as a suicide. When confronted, the media not only stands by their story, but express outrage and anger at those who call them on it.

We’re watching a political gang rape in which the perpetrators are hoping that the people mistakenly believe that the victim was asking for it.

It would be a devastating blow to the Left’s surreal vision of America if the people finally figure out that the elitists have been pulling their strings for nearly a century. Their only response would be the one we see now: scapegoat and demonize all of those who are on to them. We are witnessing the political genocide of the Tea Party and talk radio listeners while the elites play a nasty game of kill the queen with Sarah Palin.

When you watch David Frum and David Corn sit there side by side with a video running of Sarah Palin giving a sober and well written speech while they flat out lie to you by saying she is angry and disjointed, you know the Left has either completely gone off its rocker or they’ve just become so insanely intoxicated with arrogance. It’s their way of saying to the American people, we are the power and you will not stop us no matter how blatant we are in wielding that power.

What it ultimately comes down to, like Ronald Reagan said, is that given the facts the American people will make the right decision every time. Although at times it seems Sarah Palin’s fate is in the hands of the media or the political chattering class, the truth of the matter is it is time for the American people to take responsibility for how fellow citizens are treated by the media and chattering class. The unwarranted smearing of Sarah Palin will not come to an end until the American people themselves stand up and say enough is enough.

It’s an insult to the intelligence of the American people who are now fully aware that this is how the corrupt media lies. If anything, they should elect Sarah Palin as a punishment to the mainstream media so that these types of grotesque totalitarian tactics on a private citizen are never used again.

All Americans, whether you agree or disagree with Sarah Palin politically, should be outraged that anyone at any level of influence in this country could even have the power to destroy anyone at will simply because they are a threat to their immoral power structure.

Any one of us could be the next Sarah Palin. Whoever demonstrates the biggest threat to the power source ultimately falls into the elitist and media crosshairs. Those who think that if Sarah Palin goes away that all of this stops is deluding themselves. If Sarah Palin goes away, it doesn’t solve the problem for the next one who steps up and demonstrates enough of a threat to scare the media and the elitists. The media and the elites will stand atop the wall scanning the landscape until they see the next threat to their castle of power and they will take aim on them.

As they establish the blue print for how to destroy their existential threats, we need to be establishing a blue print for how to stop them. The American people can no longer tolerate this. It’s time for all of us to stand up and say “no more!”

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  1. As I understand it, a blood libel is a false accusation of responsibility for bloodshed leveled against an innocent person, or persons, who is/are in no way responsible for said bloodshed.

    I have studied the history of anti-Semitism. I know the term blood libel was used historically to refer to the lie that Jews used blood in their matza. This definitely fit the above definition of a blood libel; but so does blaming Sarah Palin for the actions of a non-political homicidal maniac. Since Satan has such an intense hatred of Jews, and since the Jewish religion expressly forbids the consuming of blood, it makes sense Satan would use this lie against them, causing them they greatest anguish. Tragically, this lie got so common that it was the only thing refered to as a blood libel for so long.

    With all due respect and love for the Jewish people, I have to say that Sarah Palin's use of the tern 'blood libel' is spot on.

  2. This article is very well written,and i agree with every word. We should no longer tolerate this kind of manipulation by the self proclaimed, rulers of this nation.Obama's call for civility ,should have been aimed at his own mouthpieces.The ones who have spawned such hate. He's a fake.This country has been mired in turmoil since he was elected.
    I hope this country sees that before it's to late.
    The republicans also. Their silence is deafening to me. I am no longer a republican,as of this day,or wish to be. They stand for nothing. They used Sarah for political gain last November ,now they wish to discard her. I discard them first. May they go the way of the Whigs. Good riddence. May we somehow get through this mess.

  3. Sometimes it seems so simple to me. Like all the Facebook followers take a look at " America's Enduring Strength" and send it viral.

    Or all her fans buy one copy of " America By Heart", sending it over Bush's Book into the #1 best seller position.

    Things that can be simply by pushing a keyboard and spending less than $20.

    And her "supporter" can't even manage that. Pretty sad.


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