Monday, January 24, 2011

Is America Ready for President Palin?

The media has made Sarah Palin a stranger to America

If you read the polls you might be tempted to believe that America is not ready for a President Palin. Since the 2008 election, the liberal media has been trying to tell us what to think by placing their unfounded doubts and their derangement about Sarah Palin into the heads of American voters. To some extent they have succeeded. But to what extent have they gone, and how badly have the liberal media damaged their own credibility in their effort to change the minds of an electorate who loves optimism and respects those who can overcome great adversities? America should be ready for President Palin, but the “state run” drive by media doesn’t want you to see it that way.

When a young, little known state senator from Illinois began his journey to the White House, the media ignored a sordid past which included questionable political associations such as that with William Ayers, a seedy land deal with Tony Rezko, drug use and other indiscretions as a young man, poor grades and a strong propensity for progressive wealth redistributive philosophies that he spoke and wrote of all during his days leading up to his run for president. Heck, whether you believe he’s a citizen or not, they still can’t even find his birth certificate.

Just imagine if this was Sarah Palin. Imagine if she had walked the same path as Barack Obama. The consequences would simply be devastating. The same media which contends that the use of a term (that had previously been used in the same context by other writers without any notice) like “blood libel” disqualifies her for the presidency saw nothing wrong with a pre-presidential Obama attending a dinner with William Ayers where anti-Jewish racial slurs were tossed about more than the salad.

Imagine a parallel universe in which Sarah Palin organized communities with an unrepentant terrorist, used drugs, roused rabbles "to organize for the purpose of registering dead people to vote, shaking down corporations and using the race card as a bludgeon," and whose pastor of 20 years spewed anti-American sermons about chickens coming home to roost. Imagine if the first two years of a Palin administration resulted in practically bankrupting our country, destroying its health care system and weakening its image on the world stage. In that universe, she’d be hailed as a great leader by the media only because she would have a D next to her name. Despite the damage being done, all she would need to do would be to give the appearance of moving to the center and give a state of the union address to Republicans and Democrats sitting together holding hands singing Kumbaya and all would be forgiven.

At the same time in this parallel universe, a hard working family man whose worst vices were that he never attended an ivy league school or he missed a couple of questions during a media interview would be vilified if he had been the one who came from Wasilla, Alaska. Put an R next to Obama's name and give him Palin's life and watch as the media which loves him in the real universe portrays him as dangerous and stupid in the parallel one. His impeccable character would be impugned daily. His family would be mocked. His entire life would be scrutinized under a microscope incapable of finding a birth certificate yet which easily found the words “refudiate” and “blood libel” from the millions of words eloquently spoken and written over the course of years.

Think about this seriously. Just see how blatant the liberal hypocrisy really is. Imagine Barack Obama as a Republican and Sarah Palin as a Democrat. How would the media treat them? What if Sarah Palin's agenda matched that of the media's and Barack Obama was seen as the threat? Surely, the media would have so much more to work with had the shoes been on the other feet.

There would be no need to manufacture scandals or misrepresent Obama's intelligence through caricature. It's never right when the media uses non-related events to portray a preordained picture of someone for the purpose of libelling them. However, anyone with half a brain can figure out that if the media had to smear Obama the way it smears Palin, Obama would make his own sauce likely lessening the need for creativity on the part of the writers who would bring their "opinions" to paper.

America elected Barack Obama based on a false narrative fed to them by the mainstream media. America has been looking for the optimism and hope that Ronald Reagan once spoke of. When they thought they had it in Obama, they took it hook line and sinker. But now that the media has discredited itself, it will not be possible to do that again. Or at least we hope so.

One may think that America knows everything about Palin because of the intense media coverage of her. But it's that same media coverage which really makes her a stranger to America because it's disingenuous. America has been telling us in the polls that it's not ready for the caricature of Palin. But, America is certainly ready for the real President Palin. They just don't know who she is yet.

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