Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Out of Touch Media Destroyed By Focus Group

Don't expect the mainstream media to report any time soon that they are so out of touch with reality that average people don't believe an iota of their analyses of Sarah Palin's America's Enduring Strength video. In a scientific study by Media Curves, according to Conservatives4Palin, Palin's "sincerity, believability, and likeability scores improved after the group of 1,437 self-reported Democrats, Republicans, and Independents viewed her speech." Wishful television pundits, some of whom played the Palin video and gave obviously conflicting side by side analysis of it, may find themselves irrevelevant after these findings.

When real people view the video and are asked to give their genuine feelings on it, Palin comes off well. This focus group may not change the mind of kool aid drinking liberal Democrats as their numbers didn't change much in the study (which confirms this blogger's assertion that they are not our target market anyway), but it does indicate something honest evaluators have been saying all along: that Palin can win the nomination if she can run a strong and convincing campaign. Managing her image is going to be key. Whether you disagree with some of Nate Silver's assertions, the overwhelming premise for this blogger is that regardless of what has happened up until now, her ability to campaign effectively will win over the non-PDS afflicted who are not so sure just yet.

Despite the media's manufacturing of psychological reactions which may push some towards thinking Palin might be damaged as a result of what they are seeing in the media, the fact of the matter is people like Larry O'Donnell, Norah O'Donnell, Keith Olbermann, David Frum, Joy Behar and even detractors perceived to be on the right like Joe Scarborough and Charles Krauthammer are a small minority who just happen to have big microphones. A poll conducted by CBS News showed that 57% of the public believe "the heated rhetoric of late played no role in the tragedy" and that subsequent polls concurred. T.A. Frank wrote an article titled "How the Media Botched the Arizona Shooting" on New Republic which clearly substantiates the point.

A note to Joe Scarborough: this is not the end of Palin's political career, King Nothing. It's the end of the media's grasp on the minds of America.

The fact that people are flocking to Palin's defense despite the obnoxiously loud megaphone of the media could mean that we are finally seeing a shift and backlash that bodes well for Palin down the road as she campaigns for the hearts and minds of the undecideds. This backfired "blood libel" that was unleashed upon her and fellow conservative is resulting finally in the backlash that has long eluded us following Media Malpractice by John Ziegler, the Ethicsgate video about the Alaska Bloggers and the smoking gun of the Journolister scandal.

Palin's video is the unveiling of the presidential Palin. It is in a sense, her first moment of presenting herself not as a Fox News contributor, not as a political activist, not as an author and not as a professional speaker, but rather as someone who will now be addressing national issues as she possibly prepares to run for president.

Stop believing the media. The primaries are when they let the real people in the game. That's when you will get the real analysis of where Sarah Palin really stands. That analysis will not come from pompous, out touch, self-serving and agenda driven talking heads. That analysis will come from us, the people who vote and the people who understand the real deal sans the fantasy and fiction.

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