Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pallin' Around With Michael Steele

When you are in the process of infiltrating the Republican Party for the purpose of returning it to its traditional Reagan roots and guiding it back toward the platform it supposedly stands on, what's a few hundred thousand dollars among friends?

Sarah Palin got hosed when she was handed the bill for being vetted as the 2008 vice presidential candidate and then was handed another bill for fighting an ethics charge that stemmed from clothing that the RNC purchased for her initially without her input. It is only fitting that she would come to an agreement with the GOP chairman that these bills would be paid by the Republican Party (as they should have been) and that she in turn would reward them for their appropriate behavior by fundraising for the RNC.

Let the liberals and Palin's Republican opponents whine all they want. Let's put the cards on the table and let the hand speak for itself. Sarah Palin is a money machine. She draws large crowds, a large number of donors and sends her detractors into a tizzy every time her name is mentioned. In the words of Sharron Angle, she's got "juice."

This positions her well to run for president in 2012. Those familiar with the precepts of Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" will understand that one doesn't bludgeon a political party into civil war, strife and an erosion of its machinery and influence if you're not happy with the way it works. You simply infiltrate it and make it work right.

Befriending the party chairman early and then doing battle against the party's more establishment-type insiders is the work of a gutsy Republican who wants the party to return to its greatness. Anything else is just "take my ball and go home" politics. Palin will have no talk off breaking off into a third party. She has shown she's a master at public relations by using her fundraising abilities and powers of persuasion within the arena of ideas to position herself in such a way that she can take advantage of the good favor she can earn from an alliance with Mr. Steele.

Don't be cynical about Sharron Angle's conversation with Scott Ashjian. He is the hand picked "Tea Party plant" of Harry Reid. Of course he's going to leak tape of her - a tape in which she was telling the truth about the "juice" that the Tea Party has and how the Republican establishment went wrong. Sarah Palin has the "juice" too and the GOP knows it.

We all know the Republican Party is not about being the most conservative party it can be. It is shifting to the right because of the pressures of its grass roots and the Tea Party. It is also shifting to the right because the polls are showing that conservative ideas are resonating. The GOP is in the business of winning elections, not setting ideological tone. The sooner it realizes that the conservative movement, the Tea Party and Sarah Palin are a winning combination much in the party's best interests, the sooner it will recognize how much they really need to put that combination front and center. The time has come to put an end to the crony insider influence and the go along to get along strategies and give the party back to the people.

The conservative movement and the Republican establishment may be like estranged spouses who are now finding out they need each other because they are stronger together than apart. Yes, the establishment is going to have to stop the "cheating" by palling around with liberal ideas in the name of "compromise." Yes the establishment is going to have to stop the out of control spending if this marriage is to ever work. And the drinking - of the Potomoc water - also has to stop.

Watching Sarah Palin and Michael Steele "schmoozing over dinner" should give us hope that this is one "marriage" that can be saved. If anything, they should "do it for the children." A country is at stake.

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