Friday, October 29, 2010

Karl Rove, The Whig Party Needs A Political Consultant

Karl Rove needs to leave demeaning Palin's qualifications for president to the left and either get back on with helping us take back our country or go home to the ranch in Texas. Why hand the liberals a victory by fracturing the party? We cannot fight a war with traitors amongst the ranks or get behind anyone who would malign the leader of a large wing of the party.

The primaries should determine who the Republican candidate will be, not an op ed writer, a pundit or some jerk shooting off his mouth to the Daily Telegraph less than a week before crucial elections for the Republican Party. The presidential primary race probably won't start until after the new year. The only explanation for Rove's behavior is that, like the left, the establishment wing of the Republican Party is also telling us who they fear. He needs to cut her off now because after her endorsees win on Tuesday, the love affair with Sarah Palin begins in earnest.

There is sludge in the underbellies of both parties. Yes, there is a lot more sludge in the Democrat party evident in the way it oozes over the top. But there is an underlying sludge in the GOP. There is the Murkowski, Castle, Crist RINO wing which shares the champaign sipping with those insider elites who would rather make believe they are conservatives while they are spending our money through backroom deals and protecting the interests of fat cats at the expense of the people.

The people with whom Karl Rove associates would rather attend swanky functions and be seen as larger than the rest of us because they can give off the aura of a high seriousness than be caught dead eating mooseburgers with the leader of the unwashed masses. "Get 'er done" trumps "look serious" as the movement takes this opportunity to do away with the one image that hung like an anchor around the neck of the Republican Party. It is a time when the silent majority is silent no more and feels free to speak out as the days of Thurston Howell III, snooty, you wash my back I'll wash yours, kiss my ring Republicanism pass behind us. The Roves of the party see that and they fear that.

“There is a conservative uprising taking place, a conservative rebellion against Washington, against big government. And I don’t happen to think Rove and those guys are exactly the best face to put on it, because they had nothing to do with it. And in part – you want to know the truth? – in part it’s a reaction to them,” radio host Mark Levin said, according to The Daily Caller.

Those who want to undermine Sarah Palin after all the good and hard work she's done for the party and the movement simply for the purpose of protecting the old guard which has already failed us do so at the expense of the greater movement and need to understand that Palin supporters are not going to rally behind anyone who sticks a knife in their backs.

Just because Obama is weakened and vulnerable to defeat in 2012, don't give up on the Tea Party ideal and the need for strong principled leadership. When we were at peace and settling into a post Reagan complacency, the progressive movement was still hard at work infiltrating our institutions, the academia, the culture and the media. Defeating liberalism cannot be done by fielding an establishment candidate who fits the suit and polls well against a damaged Obama. Defeating liberalism will only be done by embedding principled leaders who will spend years, possibly decades undoing the damage that the Left has done to this country and its institutions. It is more than a battle for Congressional seats or the presidency. It is a battle for the  hearts and minds of America and keeping ourselves in tune with our country's founding documents and philosophies.

At some point, one would hope the uncertains see the light and join forces in creating the greatest monster the Democrats have ever fought since Reagan. If not, then they still need to figure out what to do with all that lightning in a bottle that Sarah Palin has. Those who question her qualifications or waiver when the media asks them about her are either mealy mouthed or just repulsively not confident enough in their own candidate's "better qualifications." You can tell these people by how they, like Rove, fall into the trap of tearing someone down simply for the sake of building someone else up. If you have to do that, then your candidate is not very good to start with and you're just not being honest out of fear that maybe Palin really is the better one.

As a lifelong conservative Republican who sees the Tea Party as the future of the GOP, it's not up to me whether I want to leave the party. It's up to the party whether or not it wants to leave me. We are truly, as Sarah Palin has said in invoking Reagan, at "a time of choosing." Tea Partiers have a choice now. Take over the GOP and make it run right or start a new party. Personally, I like the idea of taking over the GOP. But if the Karl Roves of the world get their way, and it ever reaches the point where this blogger has to trade in an elephant card for a snake card, the damage will be done and we’ll all be suffering through Obama’s second term.

Karl Rove is on a path to destruction once again. First he gave the Left ammunition just in time to destroy the Republican Party for the 2006 and 2008 elections. Then he sat idly by while the Left destroyed the legacy of a good man, George W. Bush. He never fought the smear campaign. Now, as the party is finally recovering from the damage and positioning itself to take in an infusion of wide range grass roots support from the Tea Party, he goes and starts this nonsense with Sarah Palin. What he hell is he thinking?

So what if he doesn’t think Sarah Palin is the best choice for the party? So what if he believes that the Grey Poupon and caviar class should run the GOP? That’s his right to an opinion. But if he is going to tear apart the Republican Party just as it is back on the rise to advance this opinion or exert his influence, he is dead wrong.

Karl Rove is the old guard poster child for all that was wrong with the GOP. He regurgitated all over his bib with Christine O’Donnell and he is doing it again now with Sarah Palin. The RINOism and the reaching across the aisle stuff when the GOP slept with the Democrats long enough for them to roll us for a Medicare prescription drug law before sneaking out the window when it was time to deliver on the private ownership option for social security is so par for the Rove course. Let’s not see a repeat of that horror movie.

We don’t need gravitas. We need grass roots.

It defies logic that Rove would see Palin's hosting of a documentary television series as a blight on her presidential resume. Would Rove have said the same of Ronald Reagan who hosted General Electric Theater?

Keep Sarah Palin in the party and the future of the GOP is bright. Start a civil war that pushes her and her supporters out, you can watch the Republican Party go the way of the Whigs. Sarah Palin has warned us of this.

It’s a shame that someone we once considered to be the architect has now become the wrecking ball.

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