Monday, October 18, 2010

My Grand Old Party

There are a lot of conservatives and Tea Partiers who came out of the 2008 loss distancing themselves from the Republican Party. Rightfully so. They were upset at the spending, the talk of moderating and compromising with the liberals and party leadership not of speaking out to harshly against social security reform, immigration reform and cutting spending. The despair was setting in. The heart of this Reagan Republican not only ached for my country, but it also ached for my Party. It is a party that can now be fixed right: the way it was when Reagan led it.

The Tea Party movement has harnished the energy of the silent majority, Reagan conservatives and libertarians to formulate a Constitutional approach toward governing. It is exactly the model this country needs. As a movement once feared to go third party and one that has held a high threshold when it comes to the party establishment, it is a force that can be harnassed for great good.

I consider myself both a Tea Partier and a Republican. As a conservative, I am both. As a Reaganite, I see how the party is supposed to be run. So when I tell you I'm a Republican, picture a young guy during the Reagan years enjoying a great economy and working hard for what he earned. Reagan was the kind of Republican that should define the party. Today, the party can be fueled by a movement which now has an opportunity to infiltrate that party, take it over and mold it into... well... the image that this Republican thinks his party to look like.

During the darkest days between 2006 and 2008, the Republican Party was putting its finishing touches on Medicare prescription drug benefits and increasing the amount of spending without question to meet the requests of agency and department heads and congresspeople who were loading on the pork. Talk among Republican circles was defeatist. The country was moving left in their untested opinion. As such, the party was talking of moderation. They nominated a moderate as their presidential candidate and the inside argument was about putting Joe Lieberman on the ticket. Long gone were the days of Ronald Reagan.

Or so we thought.

This is not about dreaming of things gone by or wanting to relive your younger days. This is about a time tested theory about the basic natural laws of governing that if not tinkered with, nearly always produces periods of great economic freedom and a stronger devoution to faith.

We can do it again, in our own way and in our modern time. Follow the directions, put someone in a leadership role that is the closest thing you got to Ronald Reagan and let the people rule from the grassroots up. The rabble? They know the Constitution a million times better than a lot of these ritzy ritzy folk that are currently in charge of protecting and defending it.

My Grand Old Party will shine again. America will once again be a shining city on a hill. It will take time. Phase one is taking place now on Nov 2nd. Phase two will be in 2012. No one has yet mentioned phase 3 yet. So here it is.

With the proper leadership, all in the movement can share a seat at the table of Constitutional freedom, economic recovery and true repeal and reform of progressive laws. It will take the term from 2012 to 2016 to accomplish this. It will be like trying to turn a large boat that turns slow as quickly as possible. It will not be until after 2016 that we will begin to see great prosperity again in America. Yet, we will all enjoy the ride getting there together.

We can be led by a lightning rod, a power player and a game changer who was named vice presidential candidate by the moderate we once lamented over. She spoke of (and like) Reagan at the GOP rally in Anaheim Saturday 10/16/10. We have the one who can lead us with a Reagan-like sense of the future based on confidence in the proven techniques which worked in the past combined with the modern technology of today.

Sarah Palin walked into the hall Saturday night to an electric crowd which chanted her name, cheered at every landing of a one liner and was simply vocal and enthusiastic about its chances in the 2010 election. In many ways, it was a pre-victory rally. In many ways, it was Sarah Palin's triumphant ride into the heart of California Republicanism. It was the melding of the grass roots with the future of Republicanism. She infiltrated the party on our behalf Saturday night. For the first time, we really envisioned our way in with her.

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