Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sarah Palin The Leader

The sounds of battle grow louder as the clanging of rhetorical swords echoes across the landscape. Armies and legions take positions as we grow closer and closer to taking the Capitol building. It’s been a long time coming. But after victories in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts followed by superb primary victories where our future leaders were groomed by the swords of the sharp tongued, we are ready.

The enemy is frightened silly by our most vociferous and powerful warrior because she has emerged from a tirade of media bias and Palin Derangement Syndrome more polished and more dangerous than before. In fact, she ridicules the media now by setting them up and suckering them into making mistakes the way they try to do her.

She has ridden in triumphantly into Republican dinners and rallies as easily has she has ridden into Tea Party rallies and private fundraisers. Sarah Palin is a true leader, who as Melissa Clouthier points out "takes arrows for the team" by being "out front while other "Republican politicians stand by" and "stay in the background amassing money and ostensibly support... (h/t Texas for Sarah Palin)

Jonathan Martin of Politico tried to take a shot at Sarah, but his limp feeble attempt turned out source-less and was quickly debunked. "At this rate, it looks like something of a journalistic suicide watch for Politico and Martin, though the reputations of both as sources for credible journalism may, in fact, already be dead in the eyes of many," Dan Riehl writes.  Other journalists also took the article apart , according to Adrienne Ross. Retracto the Correction Alpaca called for a retraction as did many who were named in the article.

Palin used humor to mock the article. One can only imagine to be a deep, gravelly Mafioso voiced Sarah saying “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, look what you done, Johnny. Now you're a marked man." Which of course should precede this tweet:

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny...ya just made big mistake lying about Levin, Beck, Rush...U can lie about me, but taking on the Big Guns? Not smart
Poor Johnny. It wasn’t pretty.

Maureen “O'Dowd” tried to portray Sarah as “mean girl” and dumb for her tweet about John Raese “from Pennsylvania.” But Sarah’s trivial faux pas would not lessen her in the eyes of a country looking to be saved from the dark economic times of Barack the Socialist Barbarian. Dowd’s girlish giggle was dismissed once people were reminded that she had once skewered herself badly on her own rhetorical sword by "accidentally" plagiarizing a paragraph of one of her columns. Oops. Mistakes happen.

The enemy is brutal. They show no mercy - not even to one of their own. Look at what they’ve done to Juan Williams, a liberal commentator who has been critical of Sarah. But Sarah (oh she’s so vindictive) stood up for him even though she could have easily left him for dead after the brutal beating the left wingers in charge at NPR gave him. The whole thing backfired, the termination of Williams resulting in an outcry to defund the publicly funded NPR.

The enemy sees it coming. They see Sarah Palin as being the spearhead of the great victory that is about to take place in November. They fear the Tea Party. They see the impending slaughter of their Obama lemming candidates next week. Worse for them, they also see Palin as a serious contender for 2012. You can tell by how they ratchet up their hit pieces every time she does something that makes her look presidential.

They know that their socialist infiltration hangs by a thread that can be easily cut by the mighty sword of warrior Sarah. The thought of the common people re-taking America sends them into a cold sweat.

When the progressives, socialists, liberals and elites took over the country, they tried to destroy the voices of those who were once known as the Silent Majority. But those voices remained silent no more. Despite the Left’s concerted efforts to muddy the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and smear anyone who would speak out - citizens, the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and Fox News - the forces of common sense Constitutional conservatism only grew stronger.

Shortly after Obama’s inauguration, bloodied and weak from months of brutal beatings at the hands of the liberals, Sarah stood before a crowd gathered for Michael Reagan and said “if I die, politically, I die.” Ron Devito has the transcript:
I just say, politically speaking, if I die, I die. I’ll know that I have spoken up, and I will speak up. To thank people like Mr. Reagan, as we honor his dad. To encourage you too, Alaskans, to do the same, and don’t just hang in there and go along to get along, but stand up and speak up and be bold and demand that Washington be prudent with our public monies and prioritize for America’s security. And forget the political correctness that makes one guard our conversations and couch our words so cautiously that they lose meaning, and then we lose effectiveness, and then we lose hope because we start thinking that politicians are only worried about their poll numbers and attracting campaign contributions for their next bid so they can hold on to some title for some position.
Those anxiety ridden days are behind us now. Palin has endured an unprecedented smear campaign. Her stature is strong and her image untarnished amongst those who are smart enough to dismiss the bias against her as agenda ridden. Even those who disagree with her respect her more now and don’t buy into the liberal media caricature. Missy Stewart on The People for Palin writes:
Perseverance means “the ability to bear difficulties calmly and without complaint.” Perseverance keeps going and moving forward no matter what opponents say or do. I once heard someone describe perseverance as "stick-to-it-ness".
It is only the negative, tear-down type haters (these people never succeed anyway) who remain as target market for the rhetorical toilet water of Ben Smith, Jonathan Martin, Geoffrey Dunn, Shannyn Moore, Maureen Dowd and the rest of the clown class who seat well at the Thanksgiving table with the cranky family members who do nothing but complain and gossip all the time.

Those who look up to the leadership of a Sarah Palin who is now much larger and so much stronger than “that thing” that scared the living crap out of the Obama campaign in 2008, know that lies, smears and words can’t stop people from achieving in Ronald Reagan’s America.

Ronald Reagan of course is legendary. The land was a shining city on a hill under his watch. He articulated the very philosophy which a young Sarah Palin took to heart and which she references with more and more frequency in her speeches. She so admired Reagan that she worked feverishly within the last two years to cram all of what he was (governor, spokesperson, political candidate and voice of the opposition) on top of what she had already become as a result of her prior years in Alaska politics.

This has made her strong enough, effective enough and confident enough to undertake the daunting task of making the city shine again. That’s why these battles next week and in 2012 are so important. That’s why our “swords” must remain unsheathed and on guard. It is time to fight for what Ronald Reagan fought for because we have a leader who shares his greatness and his time tested vision for how things should be.

The media keeps asking if Sarah Palin is qualified. There are those that watch things happen and there are those that make things happen. While the media watches and asks the question, the answer unfolds beneath their very noses. The question is who is the most qualified right now to plow through that door and get it opened for all of us to take back that land of opportunity and restore the beacon of hope that once grew dim following the 2006 and 2008 elections.

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