Thursday, October 21, 2010

Predictable: Palin Smears Follow Palin Triumphs Consistently

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then the liberals are are completely daffy loco. But they are also as predictable as a sunrise. Trace it back to the day when Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain's running mate and follow it through til today. Without fail, you will see a pattern of Palin triumphs followed by media smears followed by a "Groundhog Day" like series of repeating events.

Sarah Palin is releasing what everyone expects to be a huge success, her TLC documentary Sarah Palin's Alaska. The reaction has been brutal from the left. But it is the same reaction Reagan got. Reagan was host for General Electric Theater before running for president. He's just an actor, she's just a reality TV show host. It's playbook predictable that a reaction that high on the "Reagan scale" pins the needle on a "smear-o-meter" that puts Palin up around Reagan even on the left's scoreboard.

The key example of this is how she emerged as Reaganesque to the left as she is to the right on Jimmy Kimmel last night. The segment is intended to be a putdown on Palin. But they don't realize that we've seen this movie before. The left portrayed Ronald Reagan as a cowboy and as having a trigger finger for the nuclear button. Watching Palin's left wing caricature shoot bears tells me she has arrived. They should have put a clip of John Wayne in their for good measure.

Sarah Palin rode triumphantly into Anaheim, California and scored big at the RNC Victory Rally on Saturday, 10/16/10. Then she rode triumphantly into Reno, Nevada and scored big at the Tea Party Express tour kickoff rally Monday, 10/18/10. How do we know how well she did? Check the "smear-o-meter." The needle is pinned again.

The leftwing liberal looney media first tried to go after her for saying "party like it's 1773." They fell on their faces after it turned out that that was the year of the Boston Tea Party. That was a set-up, though. Palin threw that out there on purpose like "baiting halibut hooks" and the left swallowed the hook.

Palin was on fire following the rallies and she made a mistake on a tweet (I've never made one, have you?) which brought out "mean girl" Maureen Dowd who self righteously chastised Palin for mistakenly identifying WV US Senatorial candidate John Raese as being from Pennsylvania. Palin corrected the tweet quickly after she wrote it, but the school children of the left continued to giggle about it for more than a day. It turned out to be a crumb of a trivial human error for them to use, yet the Left still fell on its face. Michael Knox Beran (h/t Texas For Sarah Palin) on The Corner at NRO points out:
In a piece called 'Making Ignorance Chic,' Maureen Dowd continues to use the kind of slips everyone makes on occasion (particularly when under pressure) against Sarah Palin, who in her words has 'made ignorance fashionable.' ... Dowd writes, 'You endorse a candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate seat who is the nominee in West Virginia? Oh, well.' Yeah, that’s almost as dumb as forgetting you stuck a paragraph from someone else’s work in your own column without attribution.
So much for those living in glass houses not throwing stones.

We laugh at these morons who trip over their own feet trying to show us that Sarah Palin doesn't know how to walk, but there is a serious nature to this. These smears, as childish and petty as they are, are deliberately designed and timed to distort Sarah Palin's image in preparation for the post 2010 elections period. The left sees the clock ticking. They know it may only be a matter of months now that their entire world is going to be threatened by a Palin candidacy for president. They can tell you she's stupid. They can tell she's not qualified. They can even back off those memes and just admit their fear by telling you she's dangerous. But they cannot and will not admit that she is in a much better position to win the presidency than they (or even the Republican elite) want to admit or have you believe.
The people can no longer be brainwashed by the lies of the Left or the cadence of an Obama speech. The sheep are sheep no more. The liberals thought the American people were stupid. They were wrong.

Liberals once saw themselves as open-minded, tolerant and peace loving. They were the counterculture. They were the freaks. Today, we are? 

Things sure have turned upside down. They are now the elites who portray conservatives as the counterculture or the radical fringe.Once quick to ask "the man" to get off their backs, they have become "the man." What was once a tolerant, open thinking group became closed minded and intolerant just in time to assume and eventually lose power because of the insanity of their arrogance.

Liberals have deteriorated into a savagery which gains no sympathy for their progressive and socialist plans and leaves them unable to argue their out of touch issue positions in the arena of ideas. They baselessly attack Tea Partiers, the Chamber of Commerce and conservative candidates like Christine O'Donnell and Sharron Angle. And they do no more than that. They have no other plays in their playbook.

The elitists who try to tell us that we are racists, uneducated and extreme are they themselves unintelligent in their own intelligent ways, obvious in their tactics and visibly threatened by conservatism to the point of resorting to the bottom of an empty barrel of weapons.

The American people have just got to be looking at the media malpractice, the lies, smears and the twisting of facts and thinking "fool us once shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us." Why the left thinks that by continuing with the tactics that everyone is onto now (everyone knows Alinsky's Rules for Radicals) is the way to convince good people that Sarah Palin is bad, the Tea Party is racist and conservatism is extreme is beyond me. They have absolutely lost their minds. They are delusional!

Remember, the Left has backed themselves into this corner. With failing socialist policies like Obamacare (they passed the bill and found out what was in it, the hard way) and without facts, logical connection on issues and a like minded public, they are cornered rats. They know they are about to get crushed. The poetic justice of it all may be in their manifestation of a monster - their Palin caricature, if you will - that will destroy them as they implode. This fear drives the mocking and smearing cycles that follow whenever Palin does something successfully. It is that "monster" that is going to destroy them.

With no other alternative but to spit, hiss and smear, they will continue to tell us whenever Sarah Palin does well.

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