Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Regarding Reconsideration

Conservatives4Palin has purchased a television ad to be shown in the Sioux City, IA market tonight on KCAU-TV during "GMA, Dr. Oz, 5 PM, 6 PM, and 10 PM news programming." Regardless of whether you agree or not about asking Sarah Palin to reconsider, consider one thing. Can we look ourselves in the mirror and be confident that we did all we could do to get Sarah Palin into the presidency?

Realistically speaking, the chances of her changing her mind are small and the idea that she could win even if she did run now after some important primary filing deadlines have passed also falls into the small chance odds range as well. But, this doesn't mean we don't give it one last effort - not out of disrespect for her decision, but out of a desire to continue being vocal in the cause.

Only time will tell whether or not this decision will play out like all of her previous ones: hard to understand at first but completely ingenious in outcome. By waiting, Sarah Palin risks allowing our country to go the way of Greece. Should Obama get reelected or should the next president be unable to fix our country's dire fiscal condition, it is conceivable that there may not be an America as we know it for her to lead in the future. However, what if by not running, the truth of her record comes out and people see her for who she really is so that in four or eight years she can run straight up with the smear campaign against her as a fading memory for most voters?

If you notice, with the exception of the occasional jab afforded most conservative commentators, the bad-mouthing of Sarah Palin in the media stopped almost immediately after she announced she wasn't running. You don't see the routine hit pieces in The Huffington Post or on Politico anymore; nor is MSNBC furiously racing to deadline each night with the final edit of stories stoked by malcontent bloggers in Alaska and in the liberal section of cyberspace.

Suddenly, people are actually talking about how much Sarah Palin has contributed to the conservative cause. Even some liberals are admitting that she has been effective. Why shouldn't they admit it now? She's no longer a threat to become president.

The sudden end of the smear campaign tells us flat out that every lie, every smear and every hit article published about Sarah Palin was politically motivated. The demonization of Palin by the Left and by the establishment had nothing to do with any deficiencies in her character. It had to do with creating false perceptions of deficiencies in her character in the event she ran for president. Now that she's not running, it's no longer necessary for the smear merchants to continue to churn out the nonsense.

Many Palin supporters believe that the time was now. With our country in such dire straights, the argument is that we can't wait for her the way we had to wait for Ronald Reagan. If those who believe this want to stay true to those beliefs, it is necessary to take on the exercise of asking her reconsider one last time so that it can't be said we didn't try.

This blogger wrote in a previous post:
It may be a sisyphusian effort. Some may say we're wasting our time. But, we should go forward with a reconsideration movement even if it doesn't change Governor Palin's mind. History must record that if the day comes when America as we know it no longer exists that we didn't just give up on Sarah Palin. "If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done."
After much thought, I have to recognize that the Palin movement doesn't die with her not running for president. It can only die if we stop trying to effect the changes needed in our political system. Part of this means that we need to move forward into the next chapter of the movement: supporting Governor Palin and candidates who are willing to carry out her and our vision for a better America. In doing so, some of us feel the need to make one last final plea for reconsideration.

We have always respected Governor Palin's decisions. This is not about telling her she's wrong for not running. It's about telling her we need her and we will be there for her if she does, whether it's now or later.

Let's plan on moving forward without her in the White House for now. If she changes her mind, it will be a pleasant surprise. If not, then it is our duty to create an even more favorable environment for her to run in the future by changing our leaders and making our government more responsive to us.

If the country survives the next half decade and we are successful in bringing it back, imagine how much more powerful she will be should she run down the road. If the country doesn't survive as we know it and we go the way of Greece, then at least let it be said that we tried to save it together.

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