Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Isn't it Funny That No One is Lying About Sarah Palin Anymore?

We should all take notice at how the smears and the vitriol directed at Sarah Palin coming out of the mainstream media have stopped. Since she's not running, they have nothing to fear; and, as such, they no longer need to push their lies onto the American people in the hopes of throwing her off track.

That sudden halt to the hits coming from Politico, Huffington Post, Mother Jones and even the GOP establishment is nothing more than a collective sigh of relief coming from crony capitalists, socialists and political insiders who once trembled with fear and spent many a night in a cold sweat when the possibility of her running existed.

While Governor Palin continues to write and speak out on the issues, the dirt merchants have turned their sites on folks like Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. They size up the current field and tell us who they fear on a daily basis.

This is proof positive that the media lies and that no right thinking voter in America should trust anything they hear online or on TV. As the Obama campaign plans to use nearly a billion dollars to smear whoever the GOP nominee is, we must constantly remind the American people that no matter what they say about the GOP candidates, it's a smoke screen designed to help Obama get reelected.

The man behind the AstroTurfing campaign designed to shoot down Palin's vice presidential run is now hard at work looking at monkeys' asses on poles.

Let's never forget how America got into this mess in the first place. Remember the lessons of 2008. Be relentless in educating the American people that this goes beyond just being a battle of ideas. This is the future of our nation at stake. This election is huge. No matter what, we must oust Obama.

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