Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The People Vote Against Themselves in Ohio and Mississippi

The idiocracy has spoken.

It looks like the people have voted against themselves in two states.

In Ohio, they have voted against Issue 2 which would restrict the right of public sector unions to bargain against the taxpayers in regards to how much they have to contribute to pension and health care benefit programs. While private sector companies require employees to contribute a reasonable share of their own money to their benefits, public sector unions can continue to make taxpayers pay for their benefits without having to put much of their own skin into the game. Greece, here we come.

In Mississippi, they have voted against the Personhood initiative, which would have protected life in the womb. This is an even worse example of the people voting against themselves because in this case, they have voted against protection of the very existence of human life. Satan laughing spreads his wings as those who have survived the 9 months in the womb and grown up to be of voting age choose to take that same very basic human right from a percentage of newborns who will not survive the right to be born because some in our country still believes that denying the right to life is okay.

Folks, we got a long way to go to save this country. A long way to go. When taxpayers who will get jack at retirement vote against their rights to protect their money from being confiscated to be redistributed to public workers who will be paid cushy pensions for tying up their traffic and causing the other normal bureaucratic pain we feel when dealing with state governments and when human beings deny the right of existence to fellow human beings, there is something seriously wrong with a lot of people in this country.

We have voted against ourselves. It's no wonder we're in the mess we're in.

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