Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Do our Candidates Have To Say About Sarah?

All of our candidates have their flaws, but if it comes down to nominating a candidate that is the least of all evils, we should look at nominating a candidate that will have Sarah's voice in his or her ear. That's where we can win.

Sarah can be the ultimate lobbyist, a lobbyist for the people. If there is a culture of corruption in Washington, if there is crony capitalism and if the Congress is allowed to insider trade, why can't "we the people" get a nice chunk of that "special interest pie?" We are, after all the biggest and most powerful special interest of them all. There are 300 million of us who want the nonsense to stop.

Let's let Sarah Palin be our voice and let's find out which head that voice will resonate the loudest in. They should have a debate question: "what do you think of Sarah Palin?" Whoever answers that debate question correctly and sincerely should get our vote. Right now, Newt Gingrich is being pro-active in courting the Palin vote. Where are the rest of the candidates on Sarah?

We've been able to get a good read on people by how they react to Sarah Palin (both good and bad). Maybe we should use this as one of the criteria we consider when choosing a nominee.

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