Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No Endorsement: Sarah Palin On The Record 11/15/11

Fox News analyst (sniff sniff, not presidential candidate) Sarah Palin gave her assessment of the Republican field on On The Record with Greta Van Susteren last night. She didn't endorse.

When Greta asked about whether she would endorse someone she thinks could win and beat President Obama or if she would endorse someone who has ideas that are more consistent with hers, Palin responded:
Well, I want to believe that he or she who would share the ideas that I have, and that many fiscal conservatives have, and those of us who believe that the balance of power needs to be tipped more in favor of "we the people" versus this trajectory of centralized government growth that we have been on. I want to believe that he who shares those ideas will be most electable. The cream of the crop has not risen yet in this very fluid primary process so I'm not going to get out there and endorse anybody right now. But, certainly those ideas that I have that so many Americans share that are pro growth ideas, pro private sector blessed Constitutional restraints that our Constitution has within it (created) in order to build this prosperous and healthy nation of ours; those ideas that are articulated best by the candidate through this primary process will be the one that I will endorse.
It's clear that Palin is moving on from being a political candidate as she becomes more of a political analyst. She assesses the candidates and opines on the Penn State Sex scandal at the end with outrage and blunt straight forwardness. There is no indication of reconsideration. She is simply becoming another voice. While she continues to be right on the issues, it's becoming more and more obvious that she is settling back into the conservative fold in order to wait for another day down the road rather than jump in and take this one.

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