Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We're All Europeans Now

The progressive agenda is backfiring.

Look at how the Tea Party has grown. Look at how many people are stepping up to the plate to fight the growth of big government and to advocate serious spending cuts and the downsizing of government. As more and more people go on unemployment, food stamps and other government assistance programs, more and more people are becoming angry. Creating more dependency has only created more antipathy toward Obama and big government.

It is a staple of the progressive movement's plan to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a socialist state that they create enough people to vote for their stealth and Manchurian candidates. How do they create these voters? They advocate and legislate to achieve an enviroment where businesses cannot thrive and the rich are punished for their success. This causes more and more people to turn to government for help as job creators are stifled by the taxation and regulatory codes.

Gerald Ford once said a government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it away. If you create a majority of people who are being given things by the government, then they can't afford to vote for candidates who campaigns on taking it away.

In theory, it is the ultimate bribe. But in reality, promising to provide a chicken for every pot will only get you the votes until the chickens run out. The chickens are running out. People are seeing the failure of the progressive model much to the chagrin of progressives.

You'd think they'd be happy. Progressives and socialists have already achieved their first step. We are a European socialist style democracy. More than half the people in this country rely on some form of government assistance to survive.

As I sat with friends on the outside patio at a restaurant watching people and traffic go by yesterday, I realized out loud that "we are truly European now." I was with two friends. One is now homeless and on disability. The other has a job and a son who is on disability. I'm on unemployment. The only guy at the table who was happy with Obama was the guy who had the job.

It wasn't supposed to be this way according to the progressive model. The unemployed guy and the homeless guy should be praising Obama, reliant on Obama, while the guy with the job should be cursing him. But the reality is that the plan is backfiring. The unemployed and those who lose their homes are not running to Obama begging him to save them. Instead, they are running away from him. They see him and the progressive agenda as the cause for all of this and they want it ended.

Unemployment is high. Gas prices are high. Home foreclosure rates are high. President Obama's approval rating is down to 39%. This wasn't supposed to happen. We were all promised hope and change. We were promised that the wealth would be redistributed and that all of us would get our hands on an equal share of the pie and never have to worry about unemployment or losing our homes anymore.

What a crock.

This is not the America I was told it would be. This is not the land of opportunity anymore. My life's hard work and playing by the rules has gotten me nada. Zero. What I do have I can't count because I may not have it in a few months. It's not secure enough to count. But, this is not about me. It's about the millions of people like me.

It's rare that I run into anyone with any money anymore. It used to be you'd go to a store or a restaurant and there would always be someone or a few people tossing cash around like it was water. Today, everyone is focused on buying necessities and if they are at a restaurant they are using coupons and ordering the lower priced items on the menu.

We are a year late and $14 trillion short on restoring and renewing America. Let's just hope there's something left to restore in 2012.

In Europe, the aspiring writers and artists sit outside the cafes sipping their drinks lamenting over how hungry they are or how existential the world is. Well, that's what we were doing at the restaurant yesterday. We're all Europeans now.

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