Thursday, August 18, 2011

Governor Palin, mind if we ask you to help us out with something?

Governor Palin, would you mind if we ask you to help us out with something?

We were once the silent majority. We worked hard. We raised our families and passed along our religious and cultural values to our children. We viewed society as a place that had norms. We overcame our shortcomings. We ended slavery and embraced those from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds who wanted to pursue the American dream.

We always assumed that the "grown ups" would be in charge. Our government kept us safe from nuclear war, invasion from Axis powers during World War II and defended us from Terrorism after 9/11. It promoted the general welfare by allowing the private sector to grow and create jobs. We didn't notice that underneath the surface of the assumed American dream, a worm was burrowing. The worm of progressivism was slowly eating into our culture, our academia and ultimately into our societal norms.

How we lost our way as a nation is both a political and cultural research project. Those who believed in collectivism and the power of the state started out by using our basic instincts against us. If we saw something we didn't like, we passed a law against it. Slowly, our paths in life were being blocked by a growing thicket of thorny legal and regulatory branches.

After nearly a century of the gradual creeping of statism into our lives, we were suddenly confronted with a financial crisis of global proportion, the fact our country was going broke, the realization that our family structure was being destroyed and the growing awareness that our ability to become successful entrepreneurs was being roadblocked by layers and layers of bureacracy and regulation.

We didn't see it coming. We were all busy working our jobs, building our businesses and raising our families. Many of us never caught on until after the 2008 election that even our media - once a trusted instution which brought us important information during World War II, the Korean War and the Cuban missile crisis - was lying to us.

Conservatism used to be about the preservation and creation of jobs. It was about standing up for people so they can keep what they earned or to champion and economic environment that would help people pull themselves out of poverty by working hard and following the rules.

Today's Conservatism has become more about restoration than preservation and creation. Today, those who have earned their wealth, whether it be modest or more than modest, are vilified by our government and our media. Today, those who play by the rules get screwed.

It used to be about ethical and moral values. Now it's about survival and an effort to renew in ourselves and our fellow countrymen those values which have slowly slipped away from us due to the blurring of moral relativism.

So, when you started your political career in the PTA and on the Wasilla city council in the early 1990's, you began building a career that would eventually lead to becoming the vice presidential nominee in 2008. Whether you knew it or not, while we regular folk were building our resumes so that we could have something to submit to prospective employers in our fields after being laid off during the Obama years, you were building a resume in the political field that would empower you to be a candidate qualified to represent hard working believers in the American dream on the national stage.

You are the voice for millions of Americans who once lost hope and faith in the American dream prior to your selection as John McCain's VP. Without you, no one would be adequately positioned or have the necessary drive and charisma developed in time to take on the challenges of this decade.

It will be difficult to convince some to choose you over a field of fine Republican candidates. But, convince we must because despite the great strengths and the normal human weaknesses of the rest of the GOP field, no one has the potential for the level of greatness that you have.

If we had not discovered the head of the progressive snake in the White House and if the Tea Party never brought it to our attention that moderate establishment Republicans were straddling a fence with crony capitalism on one side and crony socialism on the other, we would be facing another election year of business as usual.

Business as usual election years gave America decent candidates like George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. But it was only during life and death elections that we got great ones like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. During business as usual years, I'd have no problem voting for many of the candidates right now vying for the GOP nomination. But this is life and death for America. The only one who can save us completely is you, Governor Palin. And, we are willing to help you do it.

(Some may want to go off on me at this point. So let me clarify. Like Sarah Palin said, "anybody but Obama." I'm not saying that our descent into a socialist abyss or that the insolvency of our nation is still inevitable if one of the other GOP candidates becomes president. Surely, the end of the Obama years by any form will help our nation avoid this destruction immensely. This blogger is just saying that if you want to make it straight, vote for any of the other candidates; if you want to make it great, vote for Sarah Palin.)

We have a historic opportunity to elect America's first female president and bring back the aura of Reagan to the White House and the national stage. Watching Americans go back to work again as we ramp up energy production, reduce regulations and reform our taxation and entitlement policies is not just a "whew, we finally got rid of him" moment. It will be a time again in history that will give us chills of patriotic pride and bring tears of joy to our eyes. That's what its supposed to feel like to be American.

Governor, you have not indicated yet what your decision is. It is a life changing decision for you and your family. While it is an opportunity for you to become a historic American figure, America will own you for possibly eight years. What can we do to convince a free spirited, snow machine ridin', caribou huntin' wife and mother to give us her servant's heart for the eight years necessary to restore our nation to greatness? We in turn are ready to give you our hearts and stand up for you and support you every step of the way.

You have been paving the way for us. Thank God that just as our socio-economic and political stage was collapsing beneath us that you got here right before the audience was about to leave. Had it not been for your emergence on the national stage and the inspiration that your rallies and Rick Santelli's rantings brought, one wonders if we would have ever had a Tea Party.

Many don't realize how close conservatism was to dying. Had John McCain ran with a different running mate, the loss would have closed a chapter in American political history. It would have been a devastating blow to conservatism. Obama would still have been a poor president. But, it leaves us to wonder what the opposition would have looked like had there been no Sarah Palin and no Tea Party.

We are no longer the silent majority. Because you paved the way to get where you are today, many Tea Party candidates and citizen politicians are inspired to run and to serve. This bodes well for our political future. The media, the Left and the establishment can complain all they want. The infiltration of the Tea Party into the halls of government is the only thing that's going to save this country.

They may see us an obstructionists because we are. We are trying to obstruct the destruction of our nation. If you could single-handedly take on and survive the media smear campaign and the frivolous ethics filings, we can collectively take on the attacks and the false accusations of racism and violence.

There are those who will support other candidates. If they have a horse, I encourage them to back it. Competition is good. I wonder, though, about the trembling tigers who go from flavor of the day to flavor of the day. When the smoke clears, we will need all hands on deck. Taking back the shining city on a hill is not a task for the wishy washy or the faint of heart. There are good people supporting the other candidates. But, I can tell you this, there are no flavor of the day people in the Palin ranks. The army is stout.

It is my hope that conservatives will have the ability to stand behind any of their horses with steel spines and firm resolve if they believe as strongly as your supporters feel about you. But they must know (and we must be kind enough to tell them without alienating them) that if they joined us in the effort to support you, whether now or if you run and wins the nomination, that the Palin army is rock solid, laser-like in its precision and unwavering in its support.

No one in Tea Party movement need fear you or wish against your nomination. Everyone in the conservative movement and in the Tea Party must know that there is a turn key, tailor made candidate who can no longer be destroyed by the media. You are no longer fresh meat the way other candidates are. They have given their all against you and failed. Those who may be considering supporting you must also must know that they will be joining a political army like no other.

This writer sometimes gets a little antsy. Like a soldier sitting next to a camp fire cleaning his weapon and keeping his powder dry, the trigger finger gets more itchy with each passing day. I hear the muttering in the camp. I hear, and I sometimes succumb to myself, the frustrated tones and the desperate anguish of "when the hell is she going to run" or "c'mon Sarah will you run already."

There are those that tell us to stay calm. I know they're right. You have a plan they tell us. I also know that it's a big decision and that I am asking you, your husband and your children to make a major life changing call just so I and millions like me can have opportunity and hope again. Sometimes I feel selfish, but I also know that if you make that decision to run, I will fight to the political death for you. I also know that if you make that decision, I will be eternally grateful.

There is probably nothing I can do singularly to help you that could ever equal the amount of work and personal sacrafice you will have to make on my behalf. Sure, I can send a few bucks to SarahPac, blog my ass for you and get together with Palin supporters in my community as well as nationwide. But nothing I can do could ever equal what you can do for this country if you run.

But if you run, I can guarantee her that I will find every member of the Palin army and be in communication with them. I will work to convince everyone I find who isn't sure about you yet. I will do what I did when you ran for vice president - I will go down to the campaign office even if I have to do it on lunch and make phone calls. I did it in 2008, not for John McCain, but for you. When I pushed that button on the screen in 2008, I voted for you.

There are a lot of us out there that support you. We need your help.

So, whadda ya say?

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