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Seeing it Early: Frank Aquila Lobbied to Have Palin on the Ticket

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Three years ago, the Republican Party was about to nominate John McCain for president. As Barack Obama surged in the polls and the excitement that surrounded him grew, it was clear to me that the Democrat Party had just nominated another Jimmy Carter - and we didn't have a Reagan to put up against him. Or at least I thought. Frank Aquila, president of the South San Joaquin Republicans (SSJR), and a few other political operatives in the GOP saw one warming up in the cold bullpen known as Alaska.

John McCain was having trouble drawing people to his rallies. Then on August 29, 2011, the future of America changed. Still tomorrow's heroine today, Sarah Palin was introduced to a hungry nation that was first electrified by her before having their views tempered by a lying media. Frank Aquila knew all along that she was the one.

The synopsis of his new book Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere explains how Frank Aquila played a role in the selection of Sarah Palin for vice president.
Frank reveals the actual email correspondence he had with the McCain campaign and the detailed telephone conversation he had prior to Senator McCain's announcement of Governor Palin as his vice presidential nominee. Frank explains why he lobbied for Governor Palin, how she electrified the presidential ticket and how Governor Palin has the same qualities of President Ronald Reagan.
Aquila was a  "California delegate for his county, which positioned him to become chairman of Senator John McCain's 2008 presidential run for the White House for San Joaquin County in California."

Cynics and skeptics claim that the choice of Sarah Palin was a gimmick designed to help McCain win the presidency by selecting a woman VP simply because she was a woman or because she was attractive. This is far from the truth. Sarah Palin's record from the PTA all the way through her governorship was stellar, pragmatically conservative and the cause for great popularity among her constituents. Before the masses were brainwashed by the Obama slobbering media, Sarah Palin was political gold, unknown only because she came from the remote state of Alaska.

Many saw Reaganesque qualities in her. Fred Barnes and Bill Kristol saw it before they revealed themselves to be political chickens by not standing behind her through the smear campaign. They simply wanted to use her to push their own neo-conservative agenda. Frank Aquila, on the other hand, stood for her through thick and thin.

Just like a true Palinista, Aquila knew there was nothing wrong with the real Sarah Palin. Vetted like a nun at a TSA airport security checkpoint, Palin was clean. The media had nothing but fabrications, innuendos and whining malcontents to tear her down with. But  Sarah Palin would have none of it. She resigned her governorship to pull the plug on them and then went out on her own where she became a successful author, speaker and political analyst.

Governor Palin holds the future in her hand. She is the rare leader that can take America from today's depths of despair to tomorrow's renewal and restoration. It is a testimony to the American spirit that there were people who saw this years ago. If this country is to be saved, it will only be because they got Sarah Palin to us in the nick of time.

Today, Palin's army is the strongest its ever been. Her support continues to grow as she draws closer to deciding on a presidential run. Long forgotten are the fiction pieces written by Joe McGinniss and Frank Bailey. The Undefeated stands out now as the definitive film about Palin's record. Now, Sarah Out of Nowhere will stand out as the definitive book about how and why Sarah Palin was introduced to America.

Frank Aquila, author of Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere will be my guest on Patrick's World USA tonight on BlogTalk Radio at 11pm ET and 8pm PT.

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