Sunday, August 14, 2011

'The principles for which she's chosen to stand are my principles too'

This is the quote of the day from Mark America:
Some people have accused me of being “hopelessly in the tank for Palin.” Those who know anything about me also know I’ve never been the sort to be “in the tank” for anyone. The reason I support Sarah Palin is because at the heart of it all, she supports me. She may not know my name, or recognize my face, but the principles for which she’s chosen to stand are my principles too.
I know I'm getting an itchy trigger finger and my Twitter friends are telling me she's playing chess and she's got the plan. I know she's got the plan.

I'm trying really hard. I really am. It's just hard to hold back. I'm trying to be patient. I'm really trying to respect that it's her decision and her plan. So let me leave it at that before I start really letting it rip.

Run, will ya!

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