Friday, August 12, 2011

Did You Feel It?

Sometimes communication is more than just verbal. Sarah Palin's comments on Hannity tonight were sharp and well spoken. But, it was the passion and the engaged way in which she communicated not just with Hannity, but with the crowd which left me feeling it. Yeah, I got chills watching her. No, I'm not Chris Matthews. But if you can watch her and not feel that connection, to quote Mitt Romney "then vote for Barack Obama." Sarah Palin won't say if she's running, but she sure acts like she is.

I sit here tonight knowing that I no longer have to watch all the Reagan videos I have to get "that feeeling." That hope and that love for America is mirrored and articulated now by Sarah Palin. She carries the torch. And, if she can feel it from us, she will run. Since we can feel it from her, we will vote.

I no longer need to rely on my Reagan videos alone to feel it anymore. I can feel it everytime I see that Sarah Palin loves America and knows what needs to be done to help us restore it. Watching it happen live in today's time is an incredible joy for a Reagan American who once thought he'd never be able to feel it again.

Catch the video at The Right Scoop.

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