Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sarah Palin Has the Mojo

For many who have drifted off as it seemed Sarah Palin may not be running or because the media wasn't slamming her recently with the frequency they have for the last two and a half years, the reaction to yesterday's speech was fabulous. For many, Sarah Palin got her mojo back.

But for those who have seen the truth and understood the power of Sarah Palin since she was named to be the VP nominee, yesterday was another great speech by a great leader. The polls may go up and down. The media coverage may run hot and cold. Poll respondents may be picking the flavor of the day: Rubio, then Cain, then West, then Christie and now Trump. But Palin supporters are tight, strong and unyielding.

Palin supporters have known since that day she got off the plane in Arizona that she was it. Many have known it before then.

When you see the AP do a hit piece on Palin's Madison, WI speech, you know she hit the mark. Whenever the media lies about her, distorts her record or spouts vitriol about her, you know she hit her mark. Whenever the entertainment community, the left wing bloggers and the intelligentsia bash her, you know she hit her mark.

Sarah Palin rode into Madison, WI yesterday and took front and center as she fired off some of the heaviest artillery she has fired off since running for Vice President. Sarah Palin was a warrior, a great Tea Party patriot and the true leader of the Palin army: a leader who leads from out front.

What you saw yesterday in Madison was a woman that will fight like hell to secure our nation and get it back on track. If Republicans miss this opportunity to nominate our next great one, we will lose the fire, spirit and determination that we saw yesterday.

Does anyone really think that there's someone who can do better than that? If they do, then they need to show us that person. It's more likely they've been brainwashed or they are influenced by a GOP establishment that has not recognized that the times are changing and business as usual is unacceptable to the party base.

Sarah Palin has always had the mojo. Don't let the media tell you otherwise.

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