Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama's Most Formidable Opponent

Sarah Palin would be Barack Obama’s most formidable opponent. Not only is she the antithesis of everything he stands for, she evokes pointed and harsh responses from Obama supporters precisely because she represents the complete undoing of their progressive agenda.

Obama operatives and progressives throughout the country shy away from the painful visualization of Palin being seated across the stage from the man who now presides over a withering presidency and a withering economy. The direct contrast would present the nation a choice between a man whose record is staggeringly bad and a woman who has a forum to speak directly to the American people without the filter of the mainstream media.

With gas prices spiraling out of control, inflation getting worse with each passing day, a foreign policy that resembles Jimmy Carter’s and real unemployment / under-employment rate at around 20%, anyone who takes to the debate stage against Obama will have a field day. The idea that it could be Palin who takes him on puts liberals into a cold sweat and evokes an unspeakable fear that only those who have confronted violent death can attest to.

Given how bad the economy, the deficit and the national debt is right now, it is unreasonable to think that the American public would give Obama a second term. The presidencies of Jimmy Carter and George Herbert Walker Bush ended after only one term for lesser reasons than the American people will have to boot Obama out in 2012.

If the Republican Party is smart enough to see this, they will be able to take advantage of history’s biggest “no pale pastels” moment since a former actor from California said “there you go again” to a sitting president during a debate in 1980. The GOP establishment may feel that it would be safe to nominate a more cookie cutter candidate. But the reasoning behind that is flawed. The idea that the press would murder Sarah Palin but leave a Romney or a Santorum alone won’t play in reality should the GOP get an establishment candidate on the top of the ticket.

If Pope Benedict was to get nominated (lets assume for illustration purposes that he is an American citizen and could produce a birth certificate), you could rest assured that the Alinsky disciples and the mainstream press would find lies and distortions strong enough to come after him with the same type of vengeance they went after Palin in 2008. It will not matter who the GOP nominee is. The Axelrod machine has a template and all they need to do is plug in the name once the Republicans introduce their nominee.

So why not put the one person who has already been seasoned, conditioned and toughened up by the Left’s vitriol? A candidate other than Palin would bring out new lies and present new opportunities for the Left to place doubts into the heads of American voters. With Palin, the damage has already been done. She is the most vetted political candidate in history. If the Left has not found the silver bullet to destroy her by now, they never will. While there are still those who see her as damaged goods, polls show that a majority of Americans distrust the media. Who better to run than the poster child of media malpractice?

When Palin his the stage in 2008, Republicans were energized and excited. The Obama campaign and the media went all out to destroy that. For the most part, they were successful in 2008. But the fact that they continued using the same tactics against her long after she lost tells us that they didn’t consider that loss final. In fact, the Wasilla Project (whose website has now been taken down) warned its readers that Sarah Palin was already a threat for 2012 immediately following Obama’s election.

Sarah Palin’s resignation as Alaska governor may appear to be a chink in her armor for nervous Republicans, but it is actually strength. Had Palin stayed in the governor’s chair, she would be bankrupt by now, buried in mountains of personal legal bills. The state would have incurred millions more dollars in costs associated with frivolous ethics suits and FOIA requests. Palin couldn’t even go to Evansville, IN to give a pro-life speech without having the children in Alaska throwing temper tantrums about her leaving the state. Imagine if she left the state to go to Iowa today if she was still governor? The "children" would go nuts.

The Alaska bloggers and those who filed the frivolous ethics complaints against Governor Palin are outraged that she “quit.” The real reason for their outrage is that they had her tied up to the railroad tracks, the train was coming and somehow she got out of it.

Complain all they want about her making millions on books and speeches, the person who is best qualified to be president is someone who can make gutsy decisions like she did. Someone who makes a business decision to resign her governorship to become wealthy rather than stay on and be destroyed financially while the state is also financially damaged should be put in charge of our national checkbook.

As far as the solvency of our nation is concerned, we’ve tried everything else already. We’ve tried raising taxes. We’ve tried Keynesian. We’ve tried inflating the money supply. We’ve tried lowering interest rates. We’ve tried stimuli and the redistribution of wealth. So what good what a traditional thinker be if one was nominated by the Republican Party?

Why not give Palin a shot? What’s the worst thing that could happen, we add a few trillion dollars to the GDP because of oil production? Besides, DaTechGuy thinks she can win and so do I.

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The Birth Certificate

I'd like to make a comment about the birth certificate. Conspiracy theories are not my strong suit, but political tactics are. I have always believed that given what the Left has done to the conservative movement and the GOP, it was time for us to wake up and recognize that their tactics have nothing to do with debating issues. If they debate issues heads up with us, they know they lose. Their use of Alinsky tactics, infiltration of the media, academia and the pop culture and willingness to lie and distort the records of George W. Bush and Sarah Palin show us what type of animal we are up against.

We are in a cage with a lion. We will not talk it out of eating us. We will not debate it out of eating us. We must grow claws and we must strike it with the same force and vigor as it strikes us.

As a matter of politcal truth, there was never anything to the birth certificate. As a matter of political tactics, though, it was brilliant. The fact that the birth certificate issue made into the mainstream media demonstrated that conservatives understood and could execute effectively tactics that liberals use all the time. Tell the lie long enough and it becomes truth.

Use the birth certificate story as a political science lesson. It is a great example of how the media works. It should give conservatives confidence that we now have our own example of how it works to compare with the lies the liberals run up the media flagpole all the time.

Now maybe we can get people to realize that the crap they say about Palin in the MSM is as untrue as the birth certificate rumor.

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